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40+ Fun Things to Do in Santa Monica With Kids: An Ultimate Guide!

Kids Activities Near Me (Santa Monica Edition)

Fun Things to do with Kids in Santa Monica

When it comes to finding the perfect family-friendly activities, Santa Monica is the place to be. With its Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches, Santa Monica is a great spot for kids to explore and have a great time. Whether you’re looking for a day of educational activities or a day of fun in the sun, there is something for everyone in this beach city. Here is an ultimate guide to 40+ fun things to do with kids in Santa Monica! From thrilling rides at the pier to strolling along the iconic Third Street Promenade, there are plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained. Get ready to make some wonderful memories with your little ones while exploring the wonderful city of Santa Monica.

40+ Fun Things to Do with Kids in Santa Monica in 2023: An Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to 40+ Fun Things to do in Santa Monica:

1. Visit the Santa Monica Pier and ride the iconic Ferris wheel. 🎡

2. Explore the Pacific Park amusement park, located on the Santa Monica Pier.

3. Take a stroll on the Santa Monica Beach boardwalk and build sandcastles. 🏖️

4. Visit the Museum of Flying and learn about the history of flight and the development and growth of the aviation and aerospace industry in Southern California.

5. Check out the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and learn about marine life.

6. Go on a bike ride along the beach bike path. 🚲

7. Play at North Beach Playground, a large playground located near the beach.

8. Take a surf lesson at one of the local surf schools. 🏄‍♀️

9. Enjoy the children's play area and splash pads at Tongva Park, a 6-acre urban oasis in Santa Monica.

10. Take a tour of the historic Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome, a National Historic Landmark.

fun things to do with kids in Santa Monica

11. Go on a hike through the Santa Monica Mountains.

12. Check out the Santa Monica Farmers Market and try some local produce. 🍎

14. Take a trip to the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert, held every summer.

15. Visit Cayton Children's Museum for a day of fun and discovery at this 21,000 square feet museum. 🧮

16. Go rock climbing at the Santa Monica Stairs, a popular climbing spot.

17. Enjoy Playground, Splash Pads, and swimming pool at Annenberg Community Beach House.

18. Go fishing off the Santa Monica Pier and see what you can catch. 🎣

19. Grab a bite at Back On The Beach Cafe and let the kids play on the sand while you enjoy your food.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Santa Monica


20. Catch a family-friendly show at the Santa Monica Playhouse. 🎭

22. Play at Dorothy Green Park featuring several open grassy areas, rows of picnic tables, a Children’s playground, and Perry’s Cafe.

23. Splash at Virginia Avenue Park during summer. The Water Park Splash area has water geysers and waterspouts that the kids can aim at each other.

24. Feed the ducks at Douglas Park in Santa Monica, and roller skate at the roller skating area. 𓅭

25. Take a walk at Palisades Park with breathtaking scenic views of the Pacific Ocean.

26. Play at the children's play area at Santa Monica Place. There is a children's play area located on the upper level of the shopping center that is perfect for kids to burn off some energy.

27. Bowl at Bowlmor Santa Monica, or play video games at the arcade.

28. Watch a movie at the AMC movie theater. The AMC movie theater at Santa Monica Place offers a variety of kid-friendly movies for families to enjoy. 🍿

29. Take a walk at 3rd Street Promenade, enjoy the street performers, shop, and grab a bite at many of the restaurants at the Promenade.

30. Visit California Heritage Museum and features a wide range of exhibits that explore the history and culture of California, including art, fashion, photography, and more.

fun things to do with kids in Santa Monica

31. Sing, dance, and play at Kids' Club in Santa Monica Place. 👯‍♀️

32. Go ice skating during the winter months. Santa Monica Place hosts an outdoor ice skating rink, which is a fun and festive activity for kids of all ages.

33. Visit one of the many kid-friendly restaurants at Santa Monica Place. Santa Monica Place has a variety of kid-friendly restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines, from pizza and burgers to healthy options like salads and wraps.

34. Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 2-5 pm in Center Plaza at Santa Monica Place to enjoy the sounds of DJ playing his best beats while soaking up all the Santa Monica sun. 🎶

35. Catch a show or concert at the Broad Stage.

36. Take a tour of the Marion Davies Guest House at Annenberg Community Beach House.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Santa Monica


37. Play sports at Annenberg Community Beach House. The Beach House has beach soccer fields, and volleyball fields available for public use.

38. Visit Santa Monica Public Library and read a book or two and attend many kid-friendly programs at the library. 📚

39. Attend one of the many events that take place on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, such as the monthly First Fridays art walk or the annual Abbot Kinney Festival.

40. Play classic games like Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, and Galaga at Playland Arcade on the Santa Monica Pier.

41. Play at We Rock the Spectrum in Santa Monica, and use the gym with all equipment, and an arts & crafts and fine motor area during open play.



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fun things to do with kids in Santa Monica

fun things to do with kids in Santa Monica


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