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Do you have an interesting story that you want to share with other parents? Not sure where to send those great short stories you’ve written?

One of our goals is to share the LA experience through the eyes of the local parents that live and love LA! If you have a story and you want us to cover IT on our blog, the following are the categories from which we are seeking submissions:

  • Family & Kids Activities

  • Entertainment

  • Special Events & Local Festivals

  • Family Fitness

  • Family Vacations, Travel, Road Trips, Staycations

  • Family Eats

  • Birthday Parties

  • Life as a parent (Mom/Dad)

  • Moms Night Out

  • Moms Getaway

  • Crafty Mama

  • Daddy DIY

  • Kids Rooms

Our editors will read your story and if they find it interesting and suitable for our site, we will publish it with your name. You can even get a link back to your social media channels or website if you are trying to grow an audience for yourself. 

Reaching a Powerful Audience


Monthly Reach                    2.9m+

Unique Visitors               160,000+

Monthly Page Views      250,000+

Social Followers             105,000+

Email Subscribers            16,000+

Avg. Sessions                  6.2 min+


90% Women

89% between ages 25-45


20% have 1 child
50% have 2 children
30% have 3 children or more



88% live in LA County

12% Others

Please submit your story in "Word Format" using our file upload.  Include your photo(s) in the body of your story. At the end of your story, provide one paragraph about yourself, a photo of yourself (if you would like your picture to appear at the end of your story), and link(s) to your website and/or your social media channels.

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