FUN  WITH KIDS IN LA connects families with localized points of interest with curated content and interactive videos. Using our website, newsletters, and through our social media, parents can identify their specific interests, and essentially connect with them. 

Our website is high-tech, user-friendly, interactive, and responsive to all types of devices and screens. Our content is fun, engaging, and informative.  Parents love that they can easily find the information they need on our website.

Our audience is actively seeking services for their families while they are using our website. They are looking to find details about family activities, classes, camps, products, and everything in between, for their families every day, all-year-round.

There are many opportunities for brands and businesses to work with us. For ambassadorships, sponsored articles, giveaways, media invitations, influencer marketing, live video requests, and brand reviews, please email us at

For brand reviews, please include in your email whether you would like to be featured on our blog or on social media platforms. If we decide to feature your product, we will provide you with detailed information including a mailing address to send us your product. It may take 10-15 business days after we receive your product to publish an article and/or feature you on our social media platforms.


Reaching a Powerful Audience


Monthly Reach                    2.9M+

Unique Visitors               160,000+

Monthly Page Views      250,000+

Social Followers               65,000+

Email Subscribers            15,000+

Avg. Sessions                 6.2 min+


90% Women

89% between ages 25-45


20% have 1 child
50% have 2 children
30% have 3 children or more



88% live in LA County

12% Others


We passionately believe in good times, travel, good food, great friends, and a spirit of adventure. And that is why we started FUN WITH KIDS IN LA. We started this site to inspire parents every day with fun ideas and new experiences to make parenting more enjoyable. We capture the best of what's happening in the city for kids and families. We believe childhood is the most precious time of life, and we want to make it even more precious and magical.


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