We passionately believe in good times, travel, good food, great friends, and a spirit of adventure. And that is why we came up with the idea for Fun With Kids in LA. We started this site to inspire parents every day with fun ideas and new experiences to make parenting more enjoyable. We capture the best of what's happening in the city for kids and families. We believe childhood is the most precious time of life, and we want to make it even more precious and magical.


 I started this journey with thousands of parents who believed in me and followed me throughout the years on social media, especially on my Facebook Group FUN THINGS TO DO WITH KIDS IN LA.


This site is much more than a blog. It is a place to find joy and happiness with your kids. It is a tool to connect with them, to step into their beautiful world, and to see the world through their eyes. I hope our site leads you to happy memories and new adventures with your family! 

Angela M. Cantoni

Founder & Editor

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"What a great family website for interesting things to do in L.A. This site has really filled a gap in Los Angeles regarding family activities.
You can relay on fun with kids to keep you constantly updated with fun activities and places to go with your kids. I can’t recommend them enough!"

— Adam R.

“I love this site! It always gives great information about fun things to do that I otherwise wouldn't have known about. Whenever I'm looking for something to do with my kids, this site is my go-to. And they even have some awesome giveaways. My family and I won 4 tickets to Circus Vargas! Thank you for creating such an awesome site!"

— Erin B.

"I love your website. I check your calendar and your blog all the time and get lots of ideas to do with the kids. I love that it is so organized and easy to use and I can get right to what I want. And the information is great and to the point. No distractions like so many other websites. Absolutely love it!!"

— Nancy K.

“I love your blog. It's simple and informative. I love the links to the events. It is very helpful! We have gone to so many places based on the blogs that you share!"

— Negah Z.

“I really like the event calendar on your site. I also love how they get added to your own calendar section once you click on the calendar icon.”

— Oscar M.

“Love everything you post. Super helpful and I've taken my girls to so many new places.”

— Andy M.





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