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13 Best Places for Strawberry 🍓 Picking Near Los Angeles: Top Family-Friendly Farms & Festivals!

Are you ready to embark on a berry-filled adventure with your little ones? Look no further than these family-friendly strawberry picking farms scattered across Southern California. Get ready to pluck the juiciest berries straight from the vine while creating unforgettable memories with your family. And hey, we've even got a sweet surprise bonus for those who prefer to skip the picking and dive straight into delicious, vine-ripened berries. Let's explore the best spots for strawberry picking near Los Angeles and all you need to know about U-Pick Strawberry Season!

🍓 Strawberry Picking Near Me 🍓

Strawberry Picking Near Me

When is Strawberry picking season in Southern California?

Strawberry picking season in Southern California is an eagerly anticipated event that spans from April to June, offering berry enthusiasts ample opportunity to indulge in the sweet delight of freshly harvested strawberries. However, it's April that steals the show as the absolute peak month of the season. The strawberries reach their optimal ripeness during this time, boasting vibrant hues of red and bursting with unparalleled flavor. It's a sensory delight as you navigate through rows of ripe berries, filling your baskets with the juiciest treasures nature has to offer. 🍓🌞

What is U-Pick Strawberry?

U-Pick strawberry, short for "You-Pick," is a delightful experience where individuals can venture into strawberry fields themselves, hand-selecting ripe, juicy strawberries straight from the vine. It's a popular activity offered by many farms during the strawberry season. Participants are provided with baskets or containers and guided to designated rows of strawberry plants. They then have the freedom to roam the fields, carefully inspecting each strawberry to ensure it meets their standards of ripeness and quality. U-Pick strawberry not only offers the chance to harvest fresh, flavorful berries but also provides a unique connection to the farming process, allowing participants to appreciate the effort and care that goes into cultivating these delicious fruits. It's a fun and rewarding activity suitable for all ages, perfect for creating lasting memories and indulging in the freshest strawberries nature has to offer.

U-Pick Strawberry Farms in SoCal, Near Los Angeles

5380 3/4 University Drive

Irvine, CA 92612


Join the strawberry shenanigans at Tanaka Farms with their Strawberry Picking Tour! As you embark on the Strawberry Picking Tour, you're greeted with the sight of endless rows of ripe, juicy strawberries stretching as far as the eye can see. The aroma of fresh berries fills the air, tantalizing your senses and setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

With each berry you pluck, you're not just indulging in a sweet treat – you're partaking in a tradition that spans generations, ensuring the legacy of farm-fresh goodness lives on. And when you've had your fill of strawberry picking, be sure to stop by their produce market and gift shop, where you can stock up on all your favorite fruity treats to enjoy at home.

33 Irvine Valley

Irvine, CA 92618

(949) 554-5103

For a berry fix in Irvine, look no further than Manassero Farms! From the moment you arrive, you're greeted with the warm embrace of farm-fresh goodness, setting the stage for an unforgettable berry-picking experience. With open fields Monday through Saturday, plus Sundays for field access, it's a berry-picking extravaganza for the whole family. Kids under 2 romp for free, so reserve your spot pronto and get ready to create cherished memories amidst the sprawling fields of ripe, juicy strawberries. Each berry you pick is a testament to the love and care that goes into cultivating these delicious fruits, ensuring you enjoy nothing but the freshest flavors with each bite.


Moorpark Farm Center

3370 Sunset Valley Road

Moorpark, CA 93021

(805) 529-3690

5696 E. Los Angeles Ave

Somis, CA 93066

(805) 386-4660

Pick-a-berry paradise awaits at Underwood Family Farms! With locations in Moorpark and Somis, it's the perfect spot for strawberry-picking fun. Don't miss their seasonal festivals for some farm-fresh entertainment! As you step onto the sprawling grounds of Underwood Family Farms, you're greeted with the vibrant colors and sweet aromas of ripe, juicy strawberries dancing in the air.

With each berry you pluck, you're not just indulging in a sweet treat – you're partaking in a tradition that spans generations, ensuring the legacy of farm-fresh goodness lives on. And when you've had your fill of strawberry picking, be sure to explore their seasonal festivals, where you can enjoy an array of farm-fresh entertainment, promising endless fun for the whole family.

After your berry-picking adventure, unleash your inner explorer at the animal center, hop on the train for a joyous ride, zoom down the combine or harvester slides, conquer the hay pyramids, or embark on a thrilling journey along the trike trail. For those seeking even more excitement, Underwood offers activity tickets for extra experiences like the bee train, the electric train, and gem mining. So get ready to dive into a day packed with berrylicious fun and unforgettable adventures! 🍓🚜🎉

39611 Oak Glen Road

Oak Glen, CA 92399

(909) 797-1005

Although renowned as an Apple Farm, Los Rios Rancho boasts over 150 acres of sprawling land, showcasing a diverse array of organically grown delights, including berries. With over three acres dedicated solely to strawberries, the picking season typically commences in mid-May, promising a bounty of plump and juicy berries ripe for picking.

From the moment you set foot on their historic grounds, you're transported to a world where time seems to stand still, and the beauty of nature reigns supreme. Wander through acres of orchards, marveling at the sight of ripe berries glistening in the sun. Keep an eye out for their seasonal shindigs and festivals, where the spirit of community comes alive!

32701 Alipaz St.

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(949) 661-6063

Dive into farm-fresh fun at The Ecology Center Every Saturday and Sunday starting early April! Explore regenerative organic strawberries and enjoy a cornucopia of events year-round. From farm dinners to kiddie adventures, there's something for everyone! As you embark on the immersive U-Pick tour at The Ecology Center, you're greeted with the sight of lush, green fields stretching out before you, promising a bounty of ripe, juicy strawberries just waiting to be picked.

33201 Ortega Hwy

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Though U-Pick options are currently on pause, keep an eye on South Coast Farms for berry good news! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @southcoastfarms for updates, and don't forget to swing by their farmstand for some fresh strawberry delights! While you may not be able to wander through the fields and handpick your own berries just yet, you can still indulge in the irresistible taste of farm-fresh strawberries, ensuring your cravings are satisfied until the U-Pick season returns. Each bite is a reminder of the love and dedication that goes into growing these delicious fruits, promising a burst of sweetness with every mouthful.

Strawberry Picking Near Me

1050 Cannon Rd.

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(760) 603-9608

Located a berry's throw away from LA, Carlsbad Strawberry Company is the ultimate U-Pick destination for families. Dive into rows of ripe red goodness and make some furry friends with sheep, goats, and rabbits on-site.

With four generations of strawberry-growing expertise under their belt, these folks know a thing or two about cultivating the tastiest berries in town. Grown with an abundance of love and passion, their strawberries are the stuff of legends, tantalizing taste buds with every juicy bite. Nestled in Carlsbad since the groovy '50s, they've witnessed the city evolve around them, from quaint streets to bustling highways like Interstate 5.

But it's not all about the berries – Carlsbad Strawberry Company is all about giving back to the community, partnering with local schools, churches, and nonprofits to spread the berry love far and wide. So when you step foot into their fields, you're not just a visitor – you're family! Get ready to be embraced by the warm embrace of strawberry goodness.

953 Rainbow Valley Blvd.,

Fallbrook, CA 92028

(888) 236-0101

For over a decade, Kenny's has been delighting taste buds with their mouthwatering strawberries, grown with care and dedication, with U-Pick opportunities usually open mid-April each year. Kenny’s Strawberry Farm promises a berry-picking adventure like no other, where every bite is bursting with flavor and fun! Reservations can be made on line and are strongly recommended.

5714 North River Road

Oceanside CA 92057

Get ready for some berrylicious fun at Mellano Farm Stand in Oceanside as they launch their u-pick strawberry extravaganza with a bang! Picture this: scrumptious food, toe-tapping live music, charming vendors, and the perfect opportunity to snap Instagram-worthy shots amidst their stunning ranunculus field. They're rolling out the berry-red carpet all season long, and guess what? No entrance fee required! Grab your u-pick buckets for just $10 and hop on the tractor rides for an extra $5. It's a berry good time waiting for you!

7618 Telephone Rd.

Ventura, CA 93003

Born in 2003 as a spin-off of the legendary Terry Farms, Inc., their roots run deep in Ventura County, spanning over 125 years of farming excellence. It all started back in 1890 when Joe Terry traded Portugal for the fertile fields of California. Fast forward to today, and Terry Berries is still bringing customers the juiciest, most delightful strawberries you'll ever taste!

While they don't offer U-Pick, fear not! You can still snag these scrumptious strawberries at their Strawberry Stand. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop about all the exciting happenings at the farm, from special events and promos to mouthwatering recipes you can whip up at home.

Strawberry Picking Near Me

Strawberry Festivals You Won't Want to Miss!

Ventura County Fairgrounds

10 W Harbor Blvd.

Ventura, CA 93001

Mark your calendars because the California Strawberry Festival is making its grand return to the Ventura County Fairgrounds on May 18-19, 2024! It's the ultimate summer kickoff bash, and you're invited to join in on the fun while supporting the community in a BIG way! Indulge your taste buds with all your favorite strawberry treats, from build-your-own shortcakes to chocolate-covered delights and refreshing strawberry beer. With over 40 food vendors dishing out deliciousness, a Ninja Nation Obstacle Course to test your skills, live music to keep the party going, and a treasure trove of arts and crafts booths to explore, there's something for everyone at this strawberry extravaganza. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on this unforgettable experience in 2024!

Village Green Park

12732 Main St.,

Garden Grove, CA 92840

Join the fruity fiesta at the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival from May 24 through May 27, 2024! This multi-day extravaganza is bursting with rides, tunes, contests, and of course, heaps of strawberries! Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you explore a kaleidoscope of strawberry-themed activities, from interactive games to live entertainment. While U-Pick isn't on the menu, you'll find plenty of ripe berries to satisfy your cravings, ensuring your taste buds are treated to the freshest flavors of the season. It's a berry blast you won't want to miss, promising endless fun for the whole family!


Things to Know Before Going Strawberry Picking!

Before embarking on a strawberry-picking adventure, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

Verify Farm Hours: Farms may have specific operating hours for U-Pick activities. Before heading out, double-check the farm's schedule to ensure they're open when you plan to visit.

Wear Appropriate Attire: Dress comfortably and wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Closed-toe shoes are recommended, as strawberry fields can be uneven or muddy.

Bring Supplies: Some farms provide containers for berry picking, but it's a good idea to bring your own baskets or containers just in case. Sunscreen, hats, and water bottles are also essential, especially on hot days.

Follow Farm Rules: Respect the rules and guidelines set by the farm, including where to pick strawberries and how to handle the plants. Supervise children closely and ensure they understand farm etiquette.

Be Mindful of Sustainability: Only pick what you can realistically consume or preserve. Avoid trampling on plants or wasting berries.

Check for Updates: Weather conditions, crop availability, and farm policies can change, so it's wise to check the farm's website or social media channels for any updates before your visit.

Have Fun: Most importantly, relax and enjoy the experience! Strawberry picking is not only about harvesting delicious fruit but also about spending quality time outdoors with family and friends. Take in the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, and savor every moment of your strawberry-picking adventure.

Sweet Takeaway

Whether you're embarking on a U-Pick adventure at a local farm or attending a strawberry festival filled with fun activities, the experience is sure to delight your senses and leave you with a basket full of sweet, juicy strawberries. So gather your family and friends, don your sun hats and sunscreen, and head out to explore the bountiful strawberry fields waiting just around the corner. With the tips and recommendations provided in this article, you're well-equipped to embark on a berry-filled adventure that's both enjoyable and rewarding. Happy strawberry picking! 🍓


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Strawberry Picking Near Me



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