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Trader Joe’s Grinchmas Trees Will Make Your Heart Go Bigger!

On the outskirts of Whoville, there lived a green, revenge-seeking Grinch who planned on ruining Christmas for all of the citizens of the town. But this year, Grinch is planning to celebrate Christmas at your home in the form of a Grinchmas Tree!

Trader Joe's Grinchmas Trees are back this holiday season and must have as part of your Christmas decoration! These adorable Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees are available nationwide at all Trader Joe's stores for only $9.99 and in some stores for $8.99.

The trees are skinny evergreen Cyprus trees wrapped in a red ribbon and topped with a single red ornament. And just like Grinch's heart, they will grow bigger and bigger throughout the holidays!

Do you want to make your Grinchmas Tree even cuter? Buy a Grinch and decorate your Tree with the Green Man himself!

We suggest grabbing one, two, or even more Grinchmas Trees before they sell out! For more information, please contact your nearest Trader Joe's.


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