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Getting Ready for Back to School and Helping Your Kids With Distance Learning!

Distance learning is a big challenge for many parents! Not only we have to supervise our children, many of us have to work, cook, and clean while kids are staying home. Below we came up with some ideas to help your kids transition to the new school year, including tips for helping them with distance learning. The most important thing to remember is to start with firm and clear expectations.

  • Send the kids to bed early and at the same time every night at least one week before school starts.

  • Set Regular wake-up time, and get the kids ready for school as if they are physically going to school.

  • Make sure kids have a healthy breakfast before start of the day.

  • Designate a quiet room or an area at your home for distance learning.

  • Write down your expectations and house rules and talk to your kids before school starts.

  • Be very clear about consequences for not following rules.

  • Make sure to follow a daily schedule.

  • Set parental control on your kids' devices so they can't access other programs or sites during school hours other than school programs and websites.

  • Make sure your kids have enough time to snack between classes.

  • Go for short walks during break time so kids can get some of their energy out.

  • If you work at home, designate a specific time that you will be available to help your kids with their distance learning.

  • Prepare a snack, lunch, and dinner schedule.

  • Take a lunch break with your kids and eat together, and talk about your day.

  • Don't allow your kids watch TV or play games during the week.

  • Get the more challenging homework out of the way first when they have more energy, and leave the easy work for later.

  • Award them for following your rules at the end of each school day.

  • Avoid yelling and screaming; instead be firm and follow through with your consequences.

  • Make sure that they have enough physical activities after a long day of virtual learning.

  • Listen to music, do yoga, or mediate with your kids for at least 20 minutes every night before bedtime.

  • Be kind to yourself and your kids during these difficult times.

  • Remember that this is a temporary situation.

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