73 Activities To Do With Kids At Home During School Closure!

Updated: Mar 29

If you are avoiding public places and prefer to stay home with your kids during the coronovirus outbreak, we have so many ideas to keep the kids active and entertained at home on the weekends:

1. Board Games

2. Baking Competition

3. Do Crafts

4. Make Puzzles

5. Freeze Dance

6. Play Simon Says

7. Play Obstacle Course

8. Play Bingo

9. Make Pizza together

10. Science Experiments

11. Magic Tricks

12. Read together

13. Card Games

14. Telling Stories

15. Canvas Painting

16. Hide & Seek

17. Scavenger Hunt

18. Make Lego together

19. Cook together

20. Fingerpaint

21. Family Camp Fire in your own Backyard

22. Build a Fort in the Living Room

23. Make Play Dough from scratch

24. Draw together

Galileo engages kids with an engaging mix of hands-on learning!

25. Bake Cookies

26. Write Stories together

27. Have a Pillow Fight

28. Make a Comic Book

29. Rent a Movie and make Popcorn

30. Make a Family Movie together

31. Create a Family Book from Family Pictures

32. Make a Tent and Sleep Outside

33. Dancing Competition

34. Make Trivia Questions about Family Members

35. Do a Karaoke Night

36. Make Slime

37. Play Charades

38. Have a Family Slumber Party

39. Cook S’mores over Fireplace

40. Tell Scary Stories in the Dark

41. Learn an instrument together

42. Make Ice Cream together

43. Play Mad Libs

44. Make a Cookbook

45. Play Dress-Up

46. Build a Birdhouse

47. Decorate a T-shirt

48. Have a Fashion Show

49. Do a Comedy Night

50. Have a PJ Party

51. Learn to Juggle

52. Learn Sign Language

53. Play a Word Game

54. Make a Time Capsule

55. Do a Talent Show (American Idol Night)

56. Play Catch

57. Play Giant Jenga

58. Play Chess together

59. Play Pictionary

60. Color Eggs

61. Play "I Spy"

62. Play 20 Questions

63. Have a Staring Contest

64. Play Truth or Dare

65. Play Hot Potato

66. Do Blind Taste Tests with Food & Drinks

67. Learn Coding

68. Create a Family Website together (use wix.com or weebly.com)

69. Do Gardening

70. Pillow fight

71. Listen to an Audiobook

72. Do Yoga together

73. Bowl at Home

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