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This Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop Will Take You To A Fantasy World!

Nimbus Coffee is an appetizing destination in Downtown Los Angeles serving artisan treats with a cultural flair. It offers an environment that is not only worthy of your selfie but compels you to sit a spell and be inspired by the power of imagination and the magic of tasty concoctions.  

This downtown LA Coffee Shop has perfected a hogwarts-themed coffee experience that is nothing like any other Coffee Shop you have ever seen!

Nimubs Coffee Shop offers custom drink blends and savor fresh artisan roasted beans. Their "Elixirs" menu is divided into "Adventurous Wizard" and “Basic Witch” brews with fun picks like "Mischief Macaroon" (Coconut Almond Milk Latte), "Witches Cold Brew" (A special blend of oat milk, condense milk, and spices), Liquid Love" (Turmeric Beet Latte House), and more.

The staff at Nimubs Coffee Shop put meticulous care into creating unique tastings, and they pride themselves on sourcing produce and ingredients from local farms and specialty stores to bring you unique items straight from their spell-book.

They also serve breakfast from 8 am to 11 am, and lunch after 11 am. The breakfast menu offers "Breakfast Box", which is an over easy egg nestled in a ring of sautéd spinach, layer on top on a potato gouda-parmesan cheese gratin served with a mixed fruit salad and homemade buttermilk biscuit.

On the lunch menu you can find delicious options like "Tuna Sandwich", "Veggie Sandwich", "Accio Avocado Toast", "B.L.T.", and "Oh So You Vegan Vegan Burrito"

And last but not least, they offer a yummy specialty, which takes 24 hours to make, and is available only on Saturdays: "Mega Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls."

Nimbus Coffee is located at 1115 South Hope St., Los Angeles, CA 90015. They will also offer Coffee Delivery Service soon, and starting at $21, you can have personalized coffee & drink, and daily pastry delivered right to your door with customized subscriptions.

For more information about Nimbus Coffee and its' menu, click here.



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