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Igniting Creativity: Latino Theater Company's Free Summer Conservatory for High School Students!

In a world where access to the arts is often limited, the Latino Theater Company is breaking barriers by offering a transformative opportunity to high school students. Their Summer Youth Conservatory program, a free five-week initiative, provides a university-style theater experience that nurtures creativity, hones skills, and empowers students to pursue their passion for the arts. Taking place at the esteemed Los Angeles Theatre Center in Downtown Los Angeles, this program has become a beacon of hope for young performers seeking to expand their horizons.

Igniting Creativity: Latino Theater Company's Free Summer Conservatory for High School Students!

A Holistic Theater Training Experience

The Latino Theater Company's Summer Conservatory is designed to provide a comprehensive theater education to high school students in grades 9 through 12. Through a variety of courses, including acting, playwriting, dance, voice and speech, theater analysis, and movement, students gain exposure to various aspects of the theatrical arts. By delving into college-level plays and texts, the participants' imagination is ignited, and they learn to explore the vast expanse of their own creativity.

Collaboration with Industry Professionals

One of the key strengths of the program lies in its collaboration with industry professionals. Throughout the five weeks, the students have the privilege of working closely with professionally trained directors, writers, actors, scholars, and theater technicians. This unique opportunity allows them to learn from the best, drawing inspiration and guidance from those who have dedicated their lives to the theater. With these mentors, students develop their skills in improvisation, writing, directing, and acting, culminating in the creation and production of their own short scenes and poems.


Building Skills and Confidence

Beyond artistic development, the Summer Conservatory program aims to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in college and future careers. The rigorous curriculum fosters self-discipline and self-confidence, which are essential for aspiring theater professionals. By immersing themselves in an intensive learning environment, students not only enhance their artistic abilities but also develop valuable life skills such as teamwork, time management, and effective communication.

A Launchpad for Future Success

The Latino Theater Company's Summer Youth Conservatory is more than just a summer program—it is a stepping stone toward a brighter future. The experience gained through this program helps students gain the confidence and know-how to apply for university-level conservatory training. It serves as a catalyst for personal growth, opening doors to further education and career opportunities in the performing arts.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The program's commitment to accessibility is evident in its provision of a free-of-charge experience for participants. By eliminating financial barriers, the Latino Theater Company ensures that talented students, regardless of their economic background, can access this exceptional opportunity. Additionally, lunch is provided to all participants throughout the duration of the program, further emphasizing the organization's dedication to inclusivity and supporting students in their creative journey.

The free five-week program, available to high school students in grades 9 through 12, takes place June 25 through July 30 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Up to 30 students will be selected to participate.

For more information and to submit an application, click here.


The Latino Theater Company's Summer Youth Conservatory program stands as a shining example of how the arts can transform lives. By providing a university-style theater experience to high school students, the program nurtures their creativity, instills confidence, and prepares them for future success.

Through collaboration with industry professionals and exposure to a diverse range of theater disciplines, participants not only gain valuable skills but also develop a passion for the arts that can shape their futures. The program's commitment to accessibility ensures that all aspiring artists, regardless of their financial circumstances, can partake in this transformative experience. As the curtain rises on another season of the Summer Conservatory, the Latino Theater Company continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of young performers, empowering them to embrace their artistic potential and thrive in their chosen paths.


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