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Dive into Excitement: New Experiences at SeaWorld San Diego!

Get ready to embark on an aquatic adventure like no other as SeaWorld San Diego unveils its latest, most thrilling experiences. Whether you're a marine enthusiast or simply looking for a splash of excitement, SeaWorld has something spectacular in store for you. From the mystical world of jellyfish at "Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience" to the ultimate VIP treatment with the "Ultimate VIP Tour" and the heartwarming "Ultimate On-Ice Penguin Experience," 2024 is set to be a year of wonder and enchantment. So, strap in as we take you on a journey through these exhilarating new additions that promise to redefine your SeaWorld experience. Get ready to dive into the excitement and create unforgettable memories!

New Experiences at SeaWorld San Diego

Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience (Coming 2024)

Discover the mysteries of the deep blue like never before with the all-new "Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience." This immersive attraction will transport you into the enchanting world of jellyfish. Have you ever wondered why these ethereal creatures sting or what makes moon jellies different from sea nettles? Dive in and find out!

As you explore, you'll encounter some of the most breathtaking habitats, including one of the country's largest jelly cylinders. You can also walk through an iconic arch and marvel at a massive viewing wall. Your journey will take you from the shoreline to the ocean's depths before enveloping you in a vivid display that will forever connect you to these mesmerizing animals. It's an adventure that promises to leave you spellbound!


Rescue Jr.

Exciting news awaits families with young heroes! SeaWorld San Diego presents "Rescue Jr.," the latest addition to their lineup of thrilling attractions. Families can now unleash their inner rescuers and embark on an adventure like no other. With a variety of exciting rescue-themed rides, hands-on experiences, and numerous opportunities to learn about animal conservation, Rescue Jr. offers endless fun for kids of all ages.

Ride To The Rescue!

Ever dreamt of saving animals on the water? Well, now you can! Hop on "Rescue Riders" and feel the wind in your hair as you navigate your very own jet ski like a real-life rescue hero. Buckle up because the thrill of the rescue awaits!

Swing into Action with Rescue Rafter!

Step aboard "Rescue Rafter," a fully equipped rescue boat that will take you on a wild ride through the waves. Experience the gentle swaying and surprising spins that only the ocean can bring to rescue missions. It's an adventure you won't want to miss!

Twist, Turn, and Learn with Tidepool Twist!

Embark on a journey around and around with "Tidepool Twist" and discover the fascinating world of tide pools. Informative graphics will teach you about the different types of sea life found in these captivating ecosystems. Twist, turn, and soak up the knowledge!

Play Your Part in the Mini Rescuer Training Zone!

Test your rescue skills in our ocean-themed play area, where you'll find an array of exciting structures. Climb on a sandcastle, explore ocean rocks, and even have adventures with dolphins and sea lions. Get ready for a soft play experience that's a ton of fun!

Splash Into Action at the Rescue Bay Splash Zone!

Cool off and make waves in the "Rescue Bay Splash Zone," complete with playful fountains that mimic the occasional wake found in a busy harbor. It's the perfect place to enjoy some wet and wild fun!

Meet Real Rescue Heroes!

Get up close and personal with our Animal Conservation Ambassadors, who will introduce you to a variety of unique rescued animals during daily presentations. Learn about their incredible stories and the vital work of animal care and conservation. Plus, have a hands-on experience with marsupials, primates, reptiles, and more!

Gear Up To Help!

Take a closer look at real rescue vehicles like pickup trucks and dinghy boats and discover how they play a crucial role in helping our teams make a difference. It's a fascinating glimpse into the world of animal rescue and conservation.

Ultimate VIP Tour: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Elevate your SeaWorld experience with the new Ultimate VIP Tour, where luxury meets adventure! Imagine having front-of-the-line access to all the park's rides and attractions, indulging in a sumptuous lunch at "Dine with Orcas," and enjoying reserved seating at thrilling presentations. It's the epitome of convenience and excitement rolled into one unforgettable package.

Your group will be guided by a select VIP tour guide who will ensure you make the most of your day at SeaWorld San Diego. No worries, no hassles – just pure convenience and exhilaration. This is the ultimate way to explore the park's finest offerings and create lasting memories.

What's Included in the Ultimate VIP Tour?

  • Assigned private VIP tour guide

  • VIP Tour entrance into the park

  • Front-of-the-Line ride access

  • Incredible Animal Encounters

  • PhotoKey to capture memories all day

  • Customizable itinerary

  • Complimentary reserved parking

  • Reserved seating at shows and animal presentations

  • Two great meals and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks

  • Exclusive VIP lanyard and credentials

All-New! Ultimate On-Ice Penguin Experience

But the excitement doesn't stop there! SeaWorld San Diego is proud to introduce the all-new "Ultimate On-Ice Penguin Experience." This incredible adventure allows you to step onto the ice alongside six different species of penguins, including the only Emperor Penguins in the Western Hemisphere. And there's an extra special surprise – meet the newest Emperor Penguin chick, Pearl! This encounter is sure to be a heartwarming and unforgettable experience.

For more information about all these new experiences and other experiences at SeaWorld San Diego, visit SeaWorld's official website.


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New Experiences at SeaWorld San Diego



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