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Travel to Antarctica in Search of Dinosaurs!

Follow in the footsteps of scientists and explorers as you discover what it is like to excavate fossils on the lost continent. Then travel back millions of years ago, to when Antarctica was a lush environment, and discover the dinosaurs and animals that once lived there.

The new exhibit at Natural History Museum LA, Antarctic Dinosaurs, which is now open, tells the story of modern day paleontologists, Dr. Nathan Smith and Dr. Pete Makovicky, and their expedition to excavate fossils beneath the ice and stone. You get to experience the adventure yourself, as you choose protective gear and supplies, drop in on Snow School training, and set up your remote Antarctic field site.



Hands-on excavation activities, touchable specimens, and media touchscreens will take you behind-the-scenes on what these expeditions are really like!

After you experience the modern Antarctic, you'll also step through a portal and be transported back millions of years. This isn't the Antarctic most of us think of! Back then, temperatures were higher and ice was nowhere to be found. In this lush, lost world, you'll see the habitat where exotic dinosaurs lived, including the 25-foot-long, cold-crested killer, Cryolophosaurus; the elephant-sized herbivore Glacialisaurus; and two recently-discovered dinosaurs that haven't even been named yet!

Tickets are now on sale. You can get discounts on all levels of tickets when you make your purchase online. Experience everything and save $13. Experience it All Includes Museum Admission, Antarctic Dinosaurs, Butterfly Pavilion, Oceans 3D, and Predators 3D for $29 per person. Or you can purchase Antarctic Dinosaurs for only $9 online. Museum admission is $15 if you purchase online.

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