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What Would Schools Look Like When They Finally Reopen!

It may take a while before life can go back to the normal we were used to, especially for big gatherings, events, sports, and schools. Here is what experts believe schools will look like when students are given the green light to go back to school!

Since the kids need to have social distancing even when the schools reopen, schools may convert libraries, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and even open spaces into massive classrooms in order to keep students as spread out as possible.

Kids may not be able to go back to school all at once, meaning they may need to alternate between morning and afternoon programs, or go to school every other day.

Distance learning may also continue even after schools reopen, meaning they will be given more homework to do outside the classrooms on the days or periods when they are not physically at school.

Students, teachers, and school staff will be required to wear masks the entire day when they are at school, even at recess.

Schools may check students' temperatures every morning before they enter their classrooms. Parents may also be required to sign a release form every morning indicating that their kids had no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 before entering school.

You may not be able to participate or volunteer in your kid's classroom for a while.

Since kids would require to practice social distancing, they will not be able to participate in sports that would require touching a shared item like a ball, or play a game of tag.

Playgrounds at schools may not be open for kids to use.

And you should also expect that schools shut down again if a teacher or a student test positive for COVID-19 after the schools reopen.



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