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What Businesses Are Reopening in Los Angeles this Week?

As stay at home orders are relaxing, more and more businesses are allowed to reopen in Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti made an announcement today that all Los Angeles pet groomers and trainers, as well as car washes may reopen this week with restrictions.

As with other businesses, you can't go inside the stores, but you can drop off and pick up your pet outside the store. Customers should practice social distancing at car washes, and stores, and wear a cloth facial covering when using these services.

Governor Newsom has announced that more businesses like live professional Sports could resume as early as June. Hair Salons and Barber shops may also open around that time.

It is anticipated that all businesses will be able to reopen as early as July 4th. The date was revealed by Board of Supervisors chair Kathryn Barger following the second meeting of the Los Angeles County Economic Resiliency Task Force.



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