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Social Distancing With Dinosaurs & Mammoths!

The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County including the Natural History Museum, La Brea Tar Pits and William S. Hart Museum are innovating to open new doors to natural history virtually while physical doors are closed.

They are launching NHMLAC Connects to continually offer new opportunities for Angelenos and the world to explore natural and cultural wonders: safely, and digitally from home.

Think social distancing with dinosaurs and mammoths, and connecting with nature and community science right outside your own door, and begin exploring collections, exhibitions, educational experiences and global science adventures online.

  • The museums want to know what blows YOUR mind?

  • Connect with inspiring educators, scientists and each other for virtual adventures.

  • Access rich school curriculum and activities to do with your family at home.

  • Participate in exciting crowd-sourced science and social media campaigns.

  • Explore the outdoors using our "Wild L.A." as your nature guide.

  • Learn through neighbors' stories, history and culture in "Becoming L.A."

  • Join scientists on international expeditions as they share discoveries, from Antarctica to Tarpits of the World, including La Brea Tar Pits, the one-of-a-kind active urban Ice Age excavation site.

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