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Nickelodeon Unleashes Exciting New Podcasts for Preschool Fun!

Prepare to embark on audio adventures that are just as colorful and exciting as your favorite TV shows! Nickelodeon is bringing the charm of its beloved preschool franchises straight to your ears with a fresh slate of podcasts, guaranteed to turn ordinary days into extraordinary explorations.

Your New Morning Routine Sidekick

Imagine starting your day with voices familiar to your preschooler, transforming morning routines from sleepy to spirited! Nickelodeon's lineup, including favorites like Dora the Explorer and Blue from Blue’s Clues & You!, is set to make mornings, car rides, and even bedtime magical.


Monday Magic: Dora's Recipe for Adventure

Join Dora and her trusty pal Boots as they whip up a blend of culture, music, and mystery in Dora's Recipe for Adventure. They’re not just trekking any old trails; these two are on a culinary quest in the rainforest, hunting for secret ingredients to recreate some of the family's most cherished dishes. From stone soup to fried sweet plantains, there’s a flavor of adventure in every episode!

Tuck-in Tales: Story Time with Josh & Blue

When it's time to wind down, who better to guide your little ones to dreamland than Josh and Blue? Story Time with Josh & Blue offers a cozy end to a bustling day with bedtime stories and soothing songs. It's like a snuggle in podcast form, perfect for easing into a peaceful night's sleep.

Dreamy Delights with Nickelodeon’s Goodnight Bedtime Stories

Bedtime becomes a breeze with Nickelodeon’s Goodnight Bedtime Stories. Dive into gentle tales and lullabies featuring a carousel of Nickelodeon friends like Skye from PAW Patrol and Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines. It’s the perfect way to say goodnight, turning bedtime routines into special bonding moments.

Guessing Games on Thursdays with Josh & Blue

Engage your curiosity with Let’s Guess Who with Josh & Blue, a unique podcast that turns guessing into a game. Every episode, Josh and Blue encounter mysterious guests, from talking buses to chatty chickens, challenging listeners to guess their identities using clues. It’s interactive, it’s intriguing, and it’s a whole lot of fun!


A World of Stories Awaits

Beyond the preschool range, Nickelodeon's podcast portfolio is rich with a variety of themes and formats. From thrilling audio dramas to nostalgic trips down memory lane with classics like Avatar: Braving the Elements, there’s something for everyone in the family.

Nickelodeon's venture into the podcasting space with its new preschool series is more than just entertainment. It's a gateway to learning, filled with laughter, lessons, and plenty of Nickelodeon magic. So, plug in those headphones, press play, and let your family's next adventure begin!


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