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How Top Brands are Using Augmented Reality to Appeal to Kids

Augmented Reality (AR) has multiple applications. It’s used in commerce, visual art, industrial manufacturing, and even stem education. And whenever it’s used, it enhances human-computer interaction. And big brands have taken notice. They are now using the technology to market their products and services to tech-savvy kids.

How Top Brands are Using Augmented Reality to Appeal to Kids

Augmented and mixed reality apps are even better because they engage all of a child’s senses and force them to move around, helping them to stay in shape.

Here’s how businesses are using AR to appeal to kids:

Smart Apps

Any parent would embrace technology that could help their child become a better version of themselves. Manufacturers are tapping into Augmented Reality to help children build habits that last a lifetime.

For example, Colgate’s Smart Toothbrush makes brushing teeth easy and fun. The mobile app coaches kids to brush their teeth properly and motivates them to brush their teeth daily. It offers an interactive gaming experience, letting kids earn rewards and unlock new worlds.

The app has a timer and a parents’ dashboard. The timer reminds kids to brush their teeth while the dashboard lets parents monitor the daily progress. The app offers a simple way to track and improve children’s dental hygiene. It also offers a fun, augmented brushing experience every time.

In-Store Marketing

If done well, digital marketing is very appealing--even to children. It is more engaging, colorful, and attractive. When AR is used for in-store marketing, especially on storefronts, it captivates children. It makes them feel they have to get whatever is being advertised.

An AR store window is more eye-catching for children and arouses their natural curiosity. It makes them want to go inside the store to discover what awaits. Once inside the store, they can interact with digital installations, interactive signage, or mixed reality games!

Digital Tools for Learning and Reading

Reading Tools

For some children, reading isn’t the most enjoyable activity. To motivate children to read, companies such as AugPix have developed Augmented Reality books. These books use technology to make reading exciting and fun--the characters come to life before their eyes!

Coloring Tools

AR coloring books help younger kids hone their skills by providing 3D illustrations which walk around the table. Popar enhances reading and learning by incorporating AR technology into its books and charts. Children can use the app to make content in the books and charts come to life as they read.

Biology Tools

Curiscope’s Virtual Tee is making ripples in the education industry. The company’s t-shirt that’s created using augmented reality helps children learn about the human body exceptionally.

Physics Tools

Danone designed the Rastishka AR app to teach kids about the solar system while promoting yogurt. Each Danone yogurt has a small magnet placed at the top. Pointing a camera at the magnet animates constellations. Kids can gaze at stars forming constellations and planets spinning around. A voice gives information about the planets and helps kids learn.

The automotive augmented reality market is here to stay. It’s advancing with each day, and it's only a matter of time before it becomes commonplace. More brands should take advantage of this technology and capture their market share.



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Explore the enchanting world of augmented reality (AR) with top brands! As a digital marketing agency, we understand the power of captivating experiences for kids. Leveraging AR, brands create immersive engagements, fostering lasting connections. Unleash the magic of innovative marketing strategies to captivate young audiences!


Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
Aug 21, 2023

It's genuinely fascinating to see how top brands are leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) to captivate the younger audience. The way these brands craft interactive and engaging experiences specifically tailored for kids is commendable. In our game development studio, we often discuss how these innovative marketing strategies not only promote products but also set new standards for interactive content. The blend of education, entertainment, and engagement that AR provides is a testament to its potential. It's an exciting era for both developers and consumers, especially the young ones!


Unknown member
Mar 25, 2023

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Oct 31, 2022

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