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Five Best Countries to Raise a Family in 2024!

Five Best Countries to Raise a Family in 2024!

Raising children is one of life's greatest joys and privileges. But it also comes with many challenges and responsibilities. As parents, we want to provide the best possible environment for our kids to grow up in – one that allows them to thrive physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. When considering where to raise a family, some countries stand out over others for their family-friendly policies, quality of life, education systems, healthcare, and more. Below are five of the best countries to raise kids! And the first step is to renew your child's American passport, and then you'll be ready for the big move!

Five Best Countries to Raise a Family in 2024!


Sweden frequently tops lists of the best places in the world to raise children. Extensive parental leave policies allow mothers and fathers to take up to 480 days of paid time off work when a child is born or adopted. This enables both parents to be highly involved in their child's early years without risking their careers. Sweden also invests heavily in early childhood education. Preschools are highly subsidized, and the curriculum focuses on play-based learning. Education consistently ranks near the top globally. Sweden has a comprehensive social safety net, so children grow up with access to high-quality healthcare, housing, and other services. Low crime rates also make Sweden one of the safest places for kids.


Denmark is another Scandinavian country lauded for its family-friendly environment. New parents get a total of 52 weeks of paid leave to care for infants. Like in Sweden, early childhood education is seen as vital. Preschool is guaranteed for all children over six months old. The Danish education system fosters creativity and problem-solving skills over rote memorization. National healthcare and social programs ensure citizens' essential needs are covered. Denmark is very safe, with low crime and violence rates. Outdoor activities are also a big part of Danish life, giving kids plenty of space to play.


Canada has many of the same appealing features for families as the Scandinavian countries. It guarantees one year of paid maternity leave for new mothers and offers paternity leave as well. Early childhood education is available from infancy through kindergarten. Canada's public education system provides quality instruction. Canadians have access to free healthcare, and the country has a low infant mortality rate. Canada ranks high in gender equality and human rights. It also has abundant natural beauty, providing families with plenty of parks, wilderness, and open spaces to explore. Canada's metropolitan areas are very multicultural and open to immigrants.


Down under, Australia offers a warm climate, gorgeous beaches, and vibrant cities packed with family-friendly amenities. New parents get 18 weeks of paid leave to care for newborns. Australia has an excellent healthcare system that often covers costs for families. Education is accessible through the end of high school. The country places a high priority on sports and outdoor activities for children. Australia rates high for human development, safety, and gender equality. Immigration is encouraged, leading to diversity. The laidback lifestyle and abundance of recreation give Australia a strong appeal as a place to raise kids.


While not yet as well-known a destination for families as some other countries, Portugal has much to offer. It has a mild Mediterranean climate, safe cities, and a relaxed pace of life. New mothers can take up to 6 months of paid maternity leave. Fathers get 20 days of paid paternity leave. Education is free through college, and the system allows creativity and critical thinking. Healthcare is universal and affordable. Violent crime is low in Portugal. It's also very affordable relative to other European countries. The coastlines provide plenty of space for children to play and explore.

Raising kids is a privilege wherever you live. But some places give families an extra advantage. The above countries each have their own unique appeal, but they all provide great environments for children to grow up happy and healthy.


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