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Empowering Young Artists: The Music Center's Spotlight Offers Over $100,000 in Scholarships!

Attention all parents of Southern California high school students with a flair for the performing arts! An extraordinary opportunity awaits your child, and we're excited to share the news about The Music Center's 36th Annual Spotlight. This prestigious competition is now accepting applications, offering a pathway to artistic excellence, scholarships, and personal growth for your talented young performer.

Nurturing Young Talent: The Music Center's Spotlight

Imagine a platform where your child's artistic abilities are celebrated, where their dreams are nurtured, and where they can develop essential life skills while pursuing their passion for the performing arts. The Music Center's Spotlight is that platform, designed to guide your child on a journey of self-discovery, creative expression, and personal development.

A Pathway to Scholarships and Artistic Growth

Here's the exciting part: The Music Center's Spotlight is offering more than $100,000 in performing arts scholarships. This isn't just about financial support; it's about fostering your child's artistic potential and helping them thrive in their chosen field. But it's not just about the scholarships; it's about the transformative journey.

Navigating the Spotlight Journey: How Your Child Can Shine

The Spotlight process is meticulously crafted to provide a nurturing and supportive environment that caters to students of all skill levels. Here's what your child can expect:

  • First Round Auditions: Your child can submit an online video audition in categories such as acting, ballet, dance, classical instrumental, classical voice, non-classical voice, and contemporary instrumental. Even if they don't advance, personalized written feedback from experienced judges will be provided.

  • Second Round Auditions: If your child makes it to this stage, they'll have the opportunity to perform live before a panel of judges. Valuable feedback from industry experts will help them refine their skills.

  • Semifinal – Mastery Classes/Auditions: The Music Center invites semifinalists to participate in mastery classes, providing crucial feedback before their semifinal audition. Grand Prize finalists and Honorable Mentions in each category will be announced following the semifinals.

  • Grand Finale: The pinnacle of the journey will be a live Grand Finale evening performance at The Music Center's Walt Disney Concert Hall in June 2024. An unforgettable experience awaits your child as they showcase their talent on a renowned stage.

More Than a Competition: A Transformative Experience

The Music Center's Spotlight goes beyond being just a competition; it's a movement that empowers young artists, elevates the performing arts, and shapes the trajectory of creative expression. Past participants have gone on to perform with prestigious companies, orchestras, opera houses, and even on Broadway. Whether your child envisions life on the stage or contributing behind the scenes, Spotlight equips them with the skills and confidence to thrive.


Paving the Way for Their Future: Encourage Your Child to Apply

Applying for The Music Center's Spotlight comes at no cost. This competition is open to students of all skill levels, offering a chance for your child to embrace their artistic passions. The application deadline is Monday, October 16, 2023, so take note and support your child in taking this significant step toward their artistic aspirations.


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