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Electric Noel’s Family-Fun, Safe Drive-Thru Experience For the Holidays!

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic curbing some of the activity options, there is still an exciting way to see the holiday lights and get into the New Year's joyful spirit with family and friends.

Enter Electric Noel, the go-to destination for a family fun, holiday drive-thru light show in Norco, California. Not only is the adventure open for Christmas, you can also celebrate the long-awaited 2021 New Year at Electric Noel, as the event runs until January 3rd!

Electric Noel is fun for all ages and it's designed to be experienced completely within the safety of your vehicle. The activities are completely contactless with prompts and storylines facilitated through FM transmission to vehicle stereo.

The drive-thru begins at Santa’s command center and the elf village, weaving through Main Street and down Mistletoe Lane while discovering the neon glow of lights along the way. The fun storyline and musical tracks ranging from Reba McIntyre to Frozen are fun for the whole family, and the magical, high-tech spectacle of lights are truly a sight to behold, complete with a surprise at the end that can’t be missed.

The adventure runs from 5 pm through 10 pm, between Tuesday and Sunday. Tickets are $39 per vehicle for off peak weekday hours, and $49 per vehicle on weekends. Ticketed reservations can be made now at As part of ticket sales, DEED Entertainment is partnering with Save Our Souls (SOS) to donate $1.50 of every ticket sale. SOS fosters a positive difference in the lives of needy children and help them achieve their highest potentials and become caring individuals.



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