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Eating Healthy at the L.A. Zoo is as Fun as Visiting the Animals!

Visitors of all ages can now dine at Bean Sprouts Cafe, the Los Angeles Zoo's newest dining concept. The children's menu at Bean Sprouts Cafe, which includes items such as Grilledzilla and Do-Re-For-Me, allows children to choose healthy items by visually displaying the choices.

Eating Healthy Just Got Easier & More Fun at the L.A. Zoo

The cafe offers a variety of pizzas, smoothies, sandwiches, and “Imaginibbles” in addition to healthy foods. Bean Sprouts is committed to offering organic and sustainable foods in addition to compostable packaging and eco-friendly design.

Beans Sprouts adheres to strict ingredient guidelines and offers eco-friendly and sustainable foods. To maintain such a worthwhile partnership with Bean Sprouts, the Zoo CEO and Director Denise M. Verret said, “We are thrilled to refresh our dining experience and provide Angelenos with healthy, accessible, and family-friendly food for all.”

Eating Healthy Just Got Easier & More Fun at the L.A. Zoo

The brightly colored cafe is situated in the South America exhibit of the Zoo and will offer Bean Sprouts' signature themed, hand-held items, such as Do-re-for-me sunflower butter and organic jam; Grilledzilla, gooey grilled cheese and veggies; Flutter Bite, turkey, cheese, mayo, and veggies; as well as sandwiches such as the Great Turkado and Chicken Pesto Chango; cheese and pepperoni pizza; snacks; smoothies; raspberry and lemonades; and more.

For more information about the new Bean Sprouts Cafe, visit Los Angeles Zoo's official website.

Eating Healthy Just Got Easier & More Fun at the L.A. Zoo


Photos: Courtesy of Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
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