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Discovery Cube LA: Your Guide to a Fun-Filled Day of Science and Exploration!

Welcome to Discovery Cube LA, the ultimate playground where science, fun, and learning collide! Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Hansen Dam Recreation Area, this dynamic science museum is your ticket to a day packed with hands-on exploration and discovery. From racing cars and climbing walls to exploring the science of hockey and becoming a news anchor, here's a glimpse into the thrilling adventures that await at Discovery Cube LA.

Discovery Cube LA

Interactive Learning at The Physics Lab: The Raceway

Start your journey in The Physics Lab: The Raceway, where kids can rev up their understanding of physics by racing toy cars on a large track. Learn about friction, drag, energy, speed, and acceleration while competing with friends to achieve the best time. It's a high-speed adventure that's as educational as it is exhilarating!

Garbage and Grocery Shopping

Navigate through the Discovery Market, where children learn about sustainability and eco-friendly choices by scanning groceries and sorting recyclables in a speedy sorting game. Explore a giant recycling truck and discover the importance of environmental stewardship in a fun and interactive way.

Lasers and Lane Races

Experience the thrill of Lasers and Lane Races in the Physics Lab, where kids can build and race cars using loaded springs. Engage in a paper airplane challenge, launch bottle rockets, and test your reflexes in laser maze challenges that encourage problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Discovery Cube LA


High-Flying Adventures and Real-World Simulations

Step into the helicopter simulator and embark on a virtual flight to learn about water conservation and environmental challenges. Discover the wonders of our solar system at the planetary research station, where a fascinating model offers insights into planetary exploration and celestial phenomena.

Climbing Adventures at Park Science: Climbing Wall

Challenge yourself at Park Science: Climbing Wall, where guests are invited to scale a wall using interactive handholds that light up along different pathways. It's a thrilling kinesthetic activity that encourages physical fitness and problem-solving skills. Gather your friends and see who can reach the summit first—it's a race to the top!


Discovery Cube LA

Dinosaur Adventures and Rotating Exhibits

Upstairs, embark on a Jurassic adventure with Expedition: Dinosaur, featuring animatronic dinosaurs that roar to life and interactive displays where children can design their own prehistoric creatures. Explore rotating exhibits that keep the experience fresh, such as building circuits on a magnetic wall or creating illuminated artworks on a giant Lite Brite. Every visit promises something new and exciting to discover!

Explore the Science of Hockey at Coaches Corner

Discover the nutritional secrets and training techniques used by professional hockey players and assistant coaches. Learn about food science, exercise routines, and healthy living practices that fuel athletes to perform at their best. Suit up in your own custom uniform at Science of Hockey: Suit Yourself, where guests create their perfect jersey using complimentary colors. Take a picture in your new uniform to feel like a true hockey star!


Unleash Your Inner Broadcaster at Cube Studios: Broadcast Booth

Enter Cube Studios: Broadcast Booth and become a news anchor for the day! Using green screen technology, kids can report on environmental issues and climate change from their own perspective. It's an interactive experience that combines technology with storytelling, allowing young reporters to deliver breaking news and weather forecasts with flair.


Discovery Cube LA

Shop 'Til You Drop at Discovery Market

Explore the Eco-Challenge: Discovery Market and embark on an eco-friendly shopping adventure. Zoom through the market aisles, scan items with touch screen shopping carts, and make sustainable choices that promote recycling and environmental conservation. Complete the game and earn a spot on the Discovery Market wall of fame—it's shopping with a purpose!

Fuel Up and Relax at Cube Cafe

After a day of exploration, refuel at Cube Cafe located conveniently near the entrance. Enjoy a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads, and snacks that cater to both kids and adults. With plenty of seating and a welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to recharge and reflect on your exciting discoveries at Discovery Cube LA.


Plan Your Visit to Discovery Cube LA

Discovery Cube LA welcomes visitors daily from 10 am to 5 pm, providing free parking and convenient access for families throughout the Valley. Whether you're organizing a family outing, school field trip, or celebrating a birthday, Discovery Cube LA guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with science, adventure, and endless fun. It's the perfect destination to spark curiosity and nurture a passion for learning in young explorers.

Discovery Cube LA caters primarily to elementary-school-aged children, offering activities specifically designed for ages 6-12. Exploring the museum typically takes about 3 hours, though families often extend their stay due to the captivating exhibits and engaging activities. For safety reasons, children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult during their visit.

Parking is hassle-free and strollers are welcome, with a convenient ramp available for access to the second floor, providing accessibility options for all visitors. Service animals are permitted inside the museum to accommodate guests with special needs.

Ticket prices are $18 for adults (ages 15 and over), $17 for seniors (62 and above), and $15 for children ages 14 and under. Tickets remain valid for one full year after purchase, offering flexibility in planning your visit and ensuring you can return to enjoy all that Discovery Cube LA has to offer.

Discovery Cube is located at 11800 Foothill Blvd., Sylmar, CA 91342.  For more information, please visit Discovery Cube’s official website.


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Discovery Cube LA



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