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Discover the Top 25 Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Hawaii, with its enchanting beaches, vibrant culture, and welcoming atmosphere, is a paradise for families seeking an unforgettable getaway. When it comes to accommodation, the islands offer a plethora of resorts that cater specifically to families, ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all ages. In this article, we explore the 20 best family-friendly resorts in Hawaii, highlighting the unique features that make each one special. Whether you're looking for water parks, kid's clubs, family suites, or cultural activities, these resorts have it all. Let's dive into our top picks, each with a brief description and a link to their website for further exploration. 🌴🌺🍹🧉🌞

Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa offers a magical blend of Disney charm and Hawaiian culture, making it an ideal destination for families. Kids can meet their favorite Disney characters, swim in themed pools, and participate in Hawaiian arts and crafts. Parents will appreciate the luxurious spa and fine dining options, all while enjoying the resort's stunning ocean views.

Beyond the entertainment, Aulani emphasizes cultural immersion, providing educational programs and experiences that celebrate Hawaiian history and traditions. Families can learn to hula, play ukulele, or navigate by the stars with Hawaiian wayfinders, making their stay both fun and enriching.

At Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, families are greeted with a sprawling paradise that boasts the widest beach in Waikiki. The resort's array of pools, water slides, and on-site wildlife provides endless entertainment for children, while adults can enjoy a variety of restaurants and the full-service spa.

The resort's commitment to family-friendly travel is evident in its daily children's programs, which offer educational and fun activities designed to engage young minds. From learning about local wildlife to participating in Hawaiian crafts, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Grand Wailea is a haven for families, featuring the renowned Wailea Canyon Activity Pool, which includes nine pools on six different levels, a lazy river, waterslides, and a sandy beach pool for the little ones. The resort's spacious accommodations and a dedicated kids' camp cater to families seeking a blend of adventure and luxury.

In addition to its water features, Grand Wailea offers a range of family-oriented activities, such as outdoor movies, cultural tours, and a teen lounge. These offerings, combined with the resort's exquisite dining options and spa services, ensure a memorable and luxurious family vacation.


Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina offers a luxurious escape for families, with a focus on personalized service and high-end amenities. The resort features a family pool, a kids' club with a range of educational and fun activities, and various water sports, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

Families can explore the island's culture through the resort's programming, which includes hula lessons, lei making, and storytelling. The serene location and exceptional service make it a premier choice for families seeking a blend of relaxation and cultural experiences.

Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa is a family paradise with its extensive pool area, featuring a water slide, a children's pool, and a lazy river. The resort's wildlife tours, stargazing sessions, and cultural activities offer unique experiences for the whole family.

The resort's commitment to family-friendly vacations is further highlighted by its spacious rooms and variety of dining options, catering to the preferences and needs of guests of all ages. Whether it's adventure or relaxation you seek, this resort promises a fulfilling Hawaiian experience for families.

Located on the legendary Black Rock, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa offers families an array of activities, from snorkeling to exploring the vast pool complex. The resort's cultural programs, such as lei making and hula lessons, provide a deep dive into Hawaiian traditions.

The resort's family-oriented focus is evident in its dining options, kid-friendly pools, and special events like outdoor movie nights, ensuring that every family member has an unforgettable experience. With stunning views and a plethora of activities, Sheraton Maui is a top choice for family vacations.

The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island offers luxury amidst nature's splendor, with a private beach, water sports, and a children's program that introduces the younger guests to Hawaiian culture. Families can enjoy various outdoor activities, including tennis, golf, and exploring the island's unique volcanic landscapes.

The resort's commitment to family-friendly luxury is evident in its spacious accommodations, which provide comfort and convenience for families. With a range of dining options and a world-class spa, the Fairmont Orchid offers a holistic Hawaiian experience for families seeking both adventure and relaxation.

Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Kauai Marriott Resort offers families a tropical paradise with its large pool complex, direct beach access, and range of activities designed to entertain guests of all ages. The resort's location in Lihue makes it a convenient base for exploring Kauai's natural wonders.

The resort's dedication to family fun is showcased in its daily activities, kid-friendly dining options, and spacious rooms. Whether it's lounging by the pool, participating in a cultural workshop, or exploring the island, families will find plenty to do at Kauai Marriott Resort.

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort brings Hawaiian culture to the forefront, offering families a chance to immerse themselves in the local heritage through music, dance, and art. The beachfront location provides easy access to the ocean, while the pool and on-site dining cater to family needs.

The resort's rooms and suites are designed with families in mind, offering comfort and convenience. The combination of cultural immersion, modern amenities, and exceptional service makes Outrigger Reef a standout destination for families seeking a comprehensive Hawaiian experience.

Wailea Beach Resort is a haven for families, with its spectacular oceanfront location, pools designed for all ages, and an array of activities that cater to both children and adults. The resort's Movie House and Game Space offer entertainment for the younger guests, while the various dining venues provide options for every palate.

The resort's commitment to family-friendly experiences is reflected in its spacious accommodations and the personalized service provided to guests. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, families will find Wailea Beach Resort an ideal base for their Maui exploration.

Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

The Kahala Hotel & Resort offers a serene getaway with a private beach and a lagoon where families can interact with dolphins. The resort's Keiki Club provides educational and fun activities for children, allowing them to learn about Hawaiian culture and wildlife. Parents can indulge in the luxurious spa or enjoy fine dining while the kids are entertained.

The resort's spacious rooms and suites are designed with families in mind, offering stunning views and top-notch amenities. With its commitment to exceptional service and a family-friendly atmosphere, The Kahala is a prime choice for those seeking a peaceful yet engaging Hawaiian vacation.

Prince Waikiki stands out with its modern design and panoramic ocean views. The hotel's infinity pool and kids' club are perfect for family relaxation and fun. The location offers easy access to local attractions, making it a great base for exploring Honolulu.

The resort's rooms and suites are spacious and feature floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring families have a comfortable and scenic stay. With a commitment to personalized service and a range of on-site dining options, Prince Waikiki caters to families seeking a blend of luxury and convenience.

Mauna Lani offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern luxury. Families can engage in activities like snorkeling, paddleboarding, and exploring historic fishponds. The resort's cultural programs and tours provide a deep connection to the island's traditions.

Accommodations at Mauna Lani are spacious and designed with natural materials, reflecting the resort's commitment to sustainability and comfort. Families can enjoy various dining options, each offering fresh, locally sourced ingredients, making it a holistic Hawaiian experience.

Family Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort redefines luxury with its sleek design and exceptional service. The resort features multiple pools, including one for families, and offers a variety of water sports and activities. The Kamapua'a Kids Club ensures that young guests have a memorable stay with educational and fun programs.

The resort's rooms and suites boast modern amenities and stunning views. Dining at Andaz Maui is a culinary adventure, with restaurants showcasing innovative dishes prepared with local ingredients, perfect for family dining experiences.

Ko'a Kea Hotel & Resort offers an intimate and luxurious beachfront experience. The resort's pool and access to various water sports make it a hit with families. The on-site restaurant provides kid-friendly menus, ensuring little ones are as delighted as their parents.

While the resort is boutique in size, it offers spacious accommodations and a tranquil atmosphere, ideal for families seeking a quieter Hawaiian retreat. Personalized service and attention to detail ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for all family members.

Montage Kapalua Bay provides a luxurious Maui experience with its residential-style accommodations and picturesque oceanfront setting. The Montage's Paintbox children's program and family-friendly pools ensure that guests of all ages have an enjoyable stay. The resort's emphasis on cultural and outdoor activities offers families many ways to connect and create lasting memories.

Dining at Montage Kapalua Bay is a celebration of local flavors, with restaurants offering dishes that appeal to both children and adults. The resort's commitment to personalized service and luxury makes it an outstanding choice for families seeking an upscale Hawaiian vacation.

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua offers a refined Maui experience, with a focus on cultural enrichment and natural beauty. The resort's Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ambassadors of the Environment program is an educational highlight, offering families a unique way to learn about Hawaii's ecology and culture. The resort's pools, beaches, and recreational activities provide ample opportunities for family fun.

Accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua are luxurious and spacious, catering to families of various sizes. With exceptional dining options and a dedicated service team, the resort ensures a family vacation that's both indulgent and enriching.

Turtle Bay Resort is a North Shore gem, offering a range of outdoor activities that embrace the adventurous spirit of Hawaii. Families can take surf lessons, go horseback riding, or explore hiking trails. The resort's kid-friendly amenities and programs ensure that young guests are engaged and entertained.

The accommodations at Turtle Bay provide comfort and stunning views, whether of the ocean or the lush Hawaiian landscape. The resort's dining options cater to all tastes, making it a versatile choice for families seeking an active and immersive Hawaiian holiday.

St. Regis Princeville Resort, now known as The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas, offers unparalleled luxury and breathtaking views of Kauai's north shore. The resort's family-friendly pools, kids' club, and array of dining options provide something for every family member. Guests can also participate in cultural and recreational activities that highlight the beauty and traditions of Kauai.

The accommodations are designed with elegance and comfort in mind, providing a serene retreat after a day of island exploration. The resort's commitment to service and luxury makes it a premier choice for families seeking a high-end Hawaiian experience. 

Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Hapuna Beach Resort offers direct access to one of the Big Island's finest beaches, making it a favorite for families who love the sea. The resort's pool, children's program, and range of dining options provide a well-rounded vacation experience. Families can also explore the island's unique geology and vibrant culture through organized tours and activities.

The rooms and suites at Hapuna Beach Resort are designed to offer comfort and stunning views, creating a relaxing environment for families. With its combination of natural beauty, recreational activities, and attentive service, the resort is a top choice for a family-friendly Hawaiian adventure.


Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea promises a blend of luxury and family-friendly enjoyment. The resort is celebrated for its lack of White Lotus-like drama, offering a serene yet engaging environment for families. With activities ranging from torch bearer rituals to Hawaiian star stories, there's a rich cultural tapestry for families to explore. The complimentary kids program includes tennis and swimming, ensuring that children are entertained while parents can unwind at the spa or the adults-only serenity pool.

The accommodations at Four Seasons Maui are sophisticated and spacious, designed to cater to families of all sizes. With amenities like strollers and high chairs available upon request, the resort ensures a comfortable and stylish stay for every family member.


Four Seasons Resort Hualalai combines glamour with a family-friendly atmosphere, set against the backdrop of the Big Island's Kona Coast. The resort is a paradise for families, offering seven pools, sandy beaches with calm waters, and a myriad of activities from ukulele lessons to marine biology sessions. The complimentary kids program and Camp Manitou for tweens and teens ensure that guests of all ages have an enriching and fun experience.

Accommodations at Four Seasons Hualalai are designed to offer luxury and comfort, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a refined Hawaiian vacation that caters to both adults and children.

Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort is an eco-focused retreat that appeals to multi-generational families seeking a serene and luxurious escape. The resort offers a range of activities, including kayaking, sailing, and cultural experiences, ensuring that guests of all ages are engaged. The Rosewood Explorer’s Keiki Club caters to younger guests, providing a stylish and enjoyable experience for children.

The accommodations at Kona Village blend luxury with respect for nature, offering families a comfortable and immersive Hawaiian experience. The resort's cinema under the stars provides a unique way to end the day, watching movies on the sand.

Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

1 Hotel Hanalei Bay offers minimalist luxury set against the dramatic backdrop of Kauai's North Shore. The resort's commitment to sustainability and its stunning natural surroundings make it a standout choice for families. The Seedlings Kids Club offers activities that connect children with nature, while parents can indulge in the transformative wellness rituals at the Bamford Spa.

The resort's accommodations are spacious and elegantly designed, providing a peaceful retreat for families. Cooking classes, yoga, surfing, and bonfires under the stars are just a few of the activities that families can enjoy together at 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay.

Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu, located on Kauai's sunny south shore, is a haven for families, featuring three pools, including a main pool with water slides and cascades. The resort's spacious accommodations, along with amenities like a putting green, volleyball court, and soccer field, ensure that families have plenty of space and activities to enjoy.

The resort's family-oriented approach is evident in its Explorer's Club for kids, which offers binoculars, compasses, and activity books for creative play and exploration. Koloa Landing is an ideal destination for families seeking fun, relaxation, and adventure in Kauai.


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Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii


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