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A World of Fun at Home: 44 Creative Activities for Your Little One!


Boredom be gone! Keep your little one's imagination soaring with these 44 creative activities to do at home! From art projects to sensory play, we've got plenty of fun ideas to keep your tot busy, entertained, and inspired. So break out the craft supplies, grab some snacks, and get ready for a wild and wacky adventure in your own living room!

Creative Home Activities to Keep Your Little Kids Busy and Entertained!

Here are 101 activities to do at home with little kids: 🧸🚂

1. Play dress-up: Let kids use old clothes and accessories to create different characters and put on a play.

2. Have a picnic: Spread out a blanket and enjoy a meal or snack outdoors, or in a fort or tent inside.

3. Do a puzzle: Choose a puzzle with a suitable number of pieces for your child's age and ability.

4. Play with playdough: Provide some playdough, rolling pins, and cookie cutters for kids to create their own sculptures and shapes.

5. Have a dance party: Put on some music and let kids dance and move to the beat.

6. Do a science experiment: Look up a simple experiment online and try it out with materials you have at home.

7. Create a scavenger hunt: Write out a list of items for kids to find around the house or yard.

8. Play board games: Choose a board game that is suitable for your child's age and ability.

9. Have a tea party: Set out a tea set and some snacks for kids to serve and enjoy.

10. Do some gardening: Plant seeds or small plants with your child and help them care for them.

11. Play with toys: Provide a variety of toys, such as dolls, action figures, and cars, and let kids use their imagination to play.

12. Do some art: Set out some paper, markers, crayons, and other art supplies for kids to create their own masterpieces.

13. Have a movie night: Pop some popcorn and choose a family-friendly movie to watch together.

14. Play with blocks: Provide a variety of blocks for kids to stack and build with.

15. Play a card game: Choose a simple card game that your child can learn, such as Go Fish or Old Maid.

16. Have a photo shoot: Dress up in silly costumes and take pictures of each other.

17. Do a craft: Look up a craft project online and gather the necessary materials to make it.

18. Bake together: Choose a simple recipe and bake cookies, muffins, or another treat with your child.

Creative Home Activities to Keep Your Little Kids Busy and Entertained!


19. Create a cardboard city: Gather cardboard boxes and create a cityscape complete with roads, buildings, and vehicles.

20. Make a puppet show: Use paper bags, socks, or other materials to create puppets and put on a show.

21. Make a homemade pizza: Let your kids help you mix and roll out the dough, add toppings, and bake the pizza.

22. Go on a nature walk: Explore the outdoors and look for different plants, animals, and other natural wonders.

23. Make a fort: Use blankets and furniture to create a cozy space to play and relax.

24. Make homemade ice cream: Mix together cream, sugar, and your choice of flavorings, then freeze in a plastic bag.

25. Make a time capsule: Have your child gather small items to represent their life at this moment, then bury it in the backyard to dig up later.

26. Play hide and seek: Take turns hiding and seeking in and around the house.

27. Have a scavenger hunt: Make a list of items for your child to find around the house or yard.

28. Play with Legos: Build towers, cars, or other creations with legos.

20. Play with Play-Doh: Use Play-Doh to create shapes and figures.

21. Do a coloring activity: Choose a coloring book or print out coloring pages for your child to color.

22. Create an obstacle course: Use household items to create an obstacle course for your child to navigate.


23. Do some yoga: Look up kid-friendly yoga videos online and follow along together.

24. Sing together: Let your child explore their creativity through singing. Make it a game by creating your own made-up lyrics and seeing who can sing the song best.

25. Read books together: Choose books that are age-appropriate and interesting to your child and read them out loud.

26. Explore outside - If you live somewhere where the weather allows, explore outside with your child. Collect leaves, rocks, and other items you find on your walk and use them to create drawings or sculptures when you get back inside.

27. Laugh together: Ask Alexa to tell you jokes or funny riddles for kids.

28. Make DIY fruit roll-ups: Kids love fruit roll-ups, and you can feel good knowing that you’re feeding your kids a healthy snack.

29. Make Slime Together: Find a recipe online and make slime and add color to it and have fun playing with them.

30. Set up a nail salon: Set up a nail salon at home and give each other a manicure and a pedicure.

31. Play with Bubbles: Make bubbles and try to catch as many as you can.

32. Make a rock candy: Learn to make a homemade rock candy together, and enjoy eating them together.

33. Make a scrapbook together: gather favorite photos or baby photos and make a scrapbook together.

34. Have a pillow fight: Choose pillows that are soft and free of any hard objects, and have some fun pillow fighting.

35. Play The Floor is Lava: The Floor is Lava is a classic game in which players must navigate a room or outdoor space without touching the ground as if the floor were made of molten lava.

36. Color rocks together: Find rocks outside and use various colors to create designs or patterns on the surface of the rock.

37. Play tic-tac-toe: Draw a 3x3 grid on a piece of paper or use a tic-tac-toe board to play tic-tac-toe together.

38. Play "Clean-up": Gather all of the items that need to be cleaned up and put them in a pile. These can be toys, clothes, dishes, or any other household items.

39. Make a homemade chia plant: Chia plants are easy to grow and make a fun and educational project for kids and adults alike.

Creative Home Activities to Keep Your Little Kids Busy and Entertained!


40. Make friendship bracelets: Friendship bracelets are a fun and easy craft you can make together and wear after making them.

42. Write a short story together: Use your imagination and come up with a fun and silly story to write together.

43. Play bowling: Bowling is a fun and easy game that can be played indoors with Empty soda bottles or plastic cups.

44. Make fake snow: Fake snow, also known as "instant snow," is a fun and easy craft that can be made with just a few household ingredients.



Creative Home Activities to Keep Your Little Kids Busy and Entertained


Angela M. Cantoni - Editor and Founder of FUN WITH KIDS IN LA


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