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Basic Balloon Twisting For Kids!

What can cause sincere delight in both children and adults? Of course, balloons! Light and colorful, they can help decorate absolutely any holiday and create a great mood. And how much joy will be caused by twisted figures! Children and adults are delighted with inflatable swords, dogs, tigers, and giraffes.

Balloon modeling is called twisting. Having mastered the art of creating different figures from balloons, you can decorate a room excitingly and unusually and even make an original birthday present, for example, a whole flower bed or a multi-colored three-dimensional figurine of your favorite character.

This is also an excellent way not to get bored in the countryside, camp, or even at home in rainy weather, not to look at the sad drops outside the window, but to arrange fun and cheer everyone up.

Many probably know that balloons are made from latex - this natural raw material that does not cause allergies. The most crucial advantage of latex is that it is very elastic and durable.

For twisting, we only need balls and a pump. You can find the best 360 balloons here!

Twisting rules

Here are some twisting rules:

  1. Inflate the ball, but not entirely, and set aside the tail; the size of this tail depends on how many twists we will do. That is, there are few twists - a small tail; if the figure is complex and a lot of twists are planned, then, accordingly, the tail should remain longer.

  2. You do not need any threads.

  3. Remember that you need to twist the figures from the side where the knot is; this is so that the air moves from the knot to the tail of our balloon.

  4. Once the balloon is inflated, and before tying the knot, you need to release a little air; we do this so that the balloon becomes soft and obedient.

  5. To create various models and figures from balloons, we make twists, dividing the balloon into "bubbles" of the size we need.

  6. When making twists, we perform 3 turns of the part of the ball we need around its axis. Remember, you always need to twist the balloon in only one direction, either only clockwise or only against it.

Workplace for twisting

Almost any room is suitable for twisting, where nothing interferes with a person.

The biggest enemy of balloons twisting (and latex balloons generally) is dirt and dust. Because the balls accumulate static electricity on their surface, dust sticks to them, carrying pollution and rigid abrasive microparticles. Dirt stains the balls and makes them ugly. And solid microparticles damage the thin latex of inflated balloons: the balloons either burst immediately or begin to release air.

An equally serious enemy of latex balloons is ordinary oxygen, which is contained in the air. Oxygen enters into a chemical reaction with the latex of balloons; the oxidized latex loses its properties and collapses. "Burnt" latex is easily noticeable: it has a white (whitish) coating, eventually covering any inflated latex balloon.

The more actively oxygen interacts with inflated balloons, the shorter their lifetime.

Here are the factors that increase the rate of latex oxidation:

● High temperature.

● Direct sunlight on the balloon's surface.

● Wind.

The last factor causes double damage: in addition to the influx of oxygen, the winds bring a lot of dust that sticks to the surface of the balls.

The room where you work with balloons should be clean, not hot, without drafts and functioning air conditioners and fans, the room's windows should not face the sunny side, and the lighting in the room should be sufficient for working with small things. In addition, it is advisable to limit access to the premises for pets. For work, there must be a table and chairs. Before work, the surface of the table, and other surfaces on which you can place inflated balloons, must be subjected to wet and dry cleaning.

We wish you all the luck in the world! Try twisting together with your children and enjoy unforgettable moments of pleasure.


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Roma Padun
Roma Padun
05 de dez. de 2023

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