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81 Awesome Things to Do with Kids This Summer: Unforgettable Family Fun!

81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer

Summer is almost here, and it's time to make the most of the sunny days and create unforgettable memories with your kids! With school out and a world of possibilities at your fingertips, it's the perfect opportunity to embark on exciting adventures and enjoy quality time together as a family. To help you make this summer truly remarkable, we've curated a list of 81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer. From outdoor escapades to cool indoor projects, this article is your go-to guide for an amazing summer with your kids. So, let's dive in and discover a summer filled with laughter, learning, and loads of fun!

81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer

1. Create a backyard water park: Beat the heat with homemade water slides, sprinklers, and water balloon fights.

2. Go on a nature scavenger hunt: Explore the great outdoors and challenge your kids to find hidden treasures.

3. Set up a lemonade stand: Teach your kids about entrepreneurship while quenching thirsts in your neighborhood.

4. Have a picnic in the park: Pack a delicious lunch and enjoy a relaxed afternoon surrounded by nature.

5, Plan a family game night: Gather everyone for some friendly competition and endless laughter.

6. Build a fort: Let your imaginations run wild with cushions, blankets, and chairs for an epic indoor hideaway.

7. Make homemade popsicles: Experiment with different flavors and create refreshing treats for hot summer days.

8. Visit a local farmer's market: Discover fresh produce, homemade goodies, and support local vendors.

9. Organize a neighborhood bike parade: Decorate bikes, scooters, and wagons for a lively community celebration.

10. Go stargazing: Lay out blankets in the backyard and marvel at the wonders of the night sky.

81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer


11. Go on a camping trip: Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, and bond over stories under the stars.

12. Have a movie marathon: Pick a theme or series and snuggle up for a day of cinematic fun.

13. Create a time capsule: Collect memorable items, write letters, and bury them to be opened in the future.

14. Start a garden: Teach your kids about plants, let them get their hands dirty, and watch their green thumbs grow.

15. Have a DIY art day: Paint, draw, sculpt, or craft together to unleash your creative side.

16. Visit a local museum: Explore art, history, science, or any museum that piques your child's interest.

17. Take a day trip to the beach: Build sandcastles, swim in the ocean, and enjoy the sun and surf.

18. Go on a mini-golf adventure: Putt your way through fun and challenging courses for a day of family-friendly competition.

19. Host a family talent show: Encourage your kids to showcase their talents and cheer each other on.

20. Volunteer for a community service project: Teach empathy and compassion by helping others in need.

21. Create a backyard obstacle course: Set up fun challenges and watch your kids conquer them with laughter.

22. Visit a local farm: Learn about farm animals, pick fresh produce, or even go on a hayride.

81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer

23. Plan a family hike: Explore nearby trails, observe nature, and enjoy breathtaking views together.

24. Have a science experiment day: Conduct fun and educational experiments using household items.

25. Host a themed costume party: Let your kids dress up as their favorite characters and enjoy a day of make-believe.

26. Go on a geocaching adventure: Use GPS coordinates to find hidden treasures in your area.

27. Start a family book club: Read books together and discuss them to foster a love for reading.

28. Visit a water park: Slide down thrilling water slides and splash around in the pools.

29. Go strawberry picking: Enjoy the sweet rewards of picking your own strawberries at a local farm.

30. Host a backyard Olympics: Create games and challenges for a day of friendly competition and teamwork.

31. Visit a local fire station: Learn about fire safety, meet firefighters, and even sit in a fire truck.

32. Create a family recipe book: Cook and bake together, documenting your favorite recipes to cherish for years to come.

33. Have a family photo shoot: Capture precious moments with a fun and creative family photoshoot.

34. Visit a zoo or wildlife sanctuary: Get up close with animals from around the world and learn about conservation.

35. Explore a nearby cave: Embark on an underground adventure and marvel at the wonders of nature.

36. Set up a backyard cinema: Hang a white sheet, set up a projector, and enjoy a movie night under the stars.

37. Go on a bike ride: Discover new paths, enjoy the fresh air, and stay active as a family.

38. Build and launch paper airplanes: Experiment with designs and see whose plane can fly the farthest.

39. Create a family scrapbook: Preserve memories by making a scrapbook filled with photos and mementos.

40. Visit a local aquarium: Dive into the underwater world and learn about fascinating marine life.


81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer


41. Host a DIY spa day: Pamper yourselves with homemade facemasks, manicures, and relaxation activities.

42. Take a nature hike: Collect interesting rocks, leaves, and flowers to create a nature-inspired art project.

43. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder: Learn about local bird species and attract them to your backyard.

44. Visit a local amusement park or carnival: Enjoy thrilling rides, games, and delicious fair food.

45. Create a DIY mini-golf course: Create a mini-golf course in your backyard using household items and creative obstacles.

46. Set up a science lab at home: Conduct exciting experiments and explore the wonders of the scientific world.

47. Host a DIY fashion show: Design and create unique outfits using clothes and accessories from your wardrobe.

48. Create a video: Create a time-lapse video of a plant growing from a seed, capturing its growth throughout the summer.

49. Organize a treasure hunt: Create clues and riddles for an exciting adventure in search of hidden treasures.

50. Go on a road trip: to a nearby city or town, exploring new places and trying local cuisine.

51. Volunteer at a local animal shelter: Help care for and play with animals awaiting adoption.

52. Plan a backyard camping night: Pitch a tent, tell stories around a campfire, and sleep under the open sky.

53. Explore a nearby botanical garden: Learn about different plant species and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

54. Create a DIY science museum at home: Set up exhibits showcasing experiments and scientific principles.

55. Have a family karaoke night: Sing your hearts out to your favorite tunes and create unforgettable memories.

56. Take a day trip to a nearby waterfall or swimming hole for a refreshing and adventurous experience.

57. Visit a local pottery studio for a fun and creative pottery-making session with your kids.

58. Plan a beach clean-up day: Teach your kids about environmental responsibility and help keep the beach clean.

81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer

59. Start a family band: Learn to play musical instruments together and have jam sessions.

60. Create an outdoor art gallery: Display your kids' artwork on a clothesline or fence for a neighborhood showcase.

61. Create a family newspaper or magazine: Let your kids become reporters and photographers, sharing stories and capturing moments.

62. Set up a DIY outdoor art studio: Paint, draw, or sculpt in the open air and let nature inspire your creativity.

63. Have a DIY tie-dye session: Transform plain white shirts or fabric into vibrant and unique works of art.

64. Plan a backyard carnival with games, prizes, and delicious treats for a day of family fun.

65. Set up a family-friendly sports tournament: Play soccer, basketball, or any sport your family enjoys.

66. Have a Dance Party: Create a family playlist and have a dance party in your living room, grooving to your favorite tunes.

67. Visit a nearby planetarium or observatory to explore the wonders of space and learn about astronomy.

68. Learn a new magic trick: Unleash your inner magician and learn a captivating trick to amaze your family and friends.

69. Take a family cooking class: Enroll in a cooking class or find online tutorials to learn new recipes and culinary techniques together.

70. Build a LEGO City: Unleash your creativity and construct a bustling LEGO City with buildings, vehicles, and mini-figures.

71. Fly a kite: Embrace the windy summer days and head outdoors to fly a colorful kite with your kids.

72. Go fishing: Enjoy a peaceful and leisurely day by the water with your kids as you try your hand at the age-old tradition of fishing.

73. Paint rocks: Tap into your creativity and transform ordinary rocks into vibrant works of art.

74. Play hide and seek: Engage in a classic game of hide and seek that never fails to bring laughter, excitement, and a sense of adventure.

75. Make s'mores: Indulge in a deliciously sweet and gooey treat by making s'mores together as a family.

76. Have a tea party: Step into a world of whimsy and create lasting memories by hosting a tea party with your kids.

77. Go bowling: Lace up your bowling shoes and hit the lanes for a day of friendly competition and family fun!

78. Go bird-watching: Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature by embarking on a bird watching adventure with your kids.

79. Learn a new language: Embark on an exciting journey of language exploration with your kids and open doors to new cultures, communication, and cognitive development.

80. Visit a Historial Site: Embark on a captivating journey through time by visiting a historical site with your kids, allowing you to immerse yourselves in history and experience the rich cultural heritage of the past.

81. Visit an escape room: Dive into an immersive adventure with your kids by visiting an escape room—an interactive and thrilling experience that challenges your problem-solving skills and teamwork.

81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer


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81 awesome things to do with your kids this summer


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