4 Best Kid Friendly Escape Rooms in Los Angeles!

Updated: Jan 8

Finding the way out of an escape room is a super cool activity to enjoy with kids, and in Los Angeles there are plenty of awesome family-friendly venues to choose from. If you and your family enjoy game nights, this will take it to the next level.

Many escape rooms around the world only allow adults for various reasons ranging from the complexity of the clues to the content of the game itself but fortunately, there are quite a few kid friendly escape rooms in Los Angeles.

When children are included, escape rooms are a unique but fun way for the family to get together and have a good time. Each one offers a different experience and has different rules, but no matter which kid-friendly escape room you choose, your family is sure to have a blast.

What To Expect

Escape rooms bring the experience of being in a video game to life. Players are locked in a room or area decorated to simulate a real situation. The object is to escape within the pre-set time limit; usually an hour. Players must solve puzzles and clues to help them get out. The pressure to collaborate with others turns up as the clock winds down. You will use all of your senses to figure out the solution and get out of the room but you can not use your phone. Don’t worry, if you are really in a pinch there are game staffers on hand who will help you or even let you out if necessary. It is a good idea to do some research to find out which escape room experience is best suited for the age of your child.

A full room can be reserved for birthday parties or other celebrations. You will want to allow time for parking so arrive ahead of your scheduled time slot. Once you have arrived, locate the entrance. Meet and greet other players that may be joining the room. Each game has a set time allowance. They always start on time and tickets are generally non refundable. Photos are not allowed in the escape rooms but some locations have cool props for group photos after your game is over. You can also check out some kids escape room games online ahead of your visit to get a feel for the types of puzzles and clues that are involved when playing the actual games.

With the preliminary stuff now out of the way, let's get into 4 Los Angeles escape rooms for kids:

Maze Rooms

(310) 595 2881

Maze Rooms is an escape room provider with locations in Austin and Los Angeles. They’re pretty successful and have the escape room business down to a science with about 15 different games. Of those 15, more than half allow participation by children who are at least 10 years old so there are lots to choose from! The cost is $99 total for up to three players and $33 for each additional person.

Escape Room LA

(213) 689-3229

Escape Room LA is one of the most popular and largest escape room venues Los Angeles has to offer. This venue has 5 games, with the best one being The Alchemist which provides a wonderful combination of magic and wizardry. The object of this game is to find your way out before the return of the powerful Alchemist. Though most of their games are only for individuals 14 and older, on the weekends they have kid friendly variations of some of their escape rooms such as The Theatre, The Alchemist and The Detective. The weekday prices are $29 per person and $39 per person on weekends.

Amazing Escape Room

(818) 893-6666

Amazing Escape Room is a veteran in the escape room business. They were one of the pioneers of these types of games in the US and they now have several locations spread across for states. In California, they have a location in Northridge, Los Angeles where they provide different games. The great thing about Amazing Escape Room and their games is that the entire experience and their games are so well made, you and your kids will have fun even if you don’t solve the puzzle.

When the game is over you can take group photos with your choice of fun photo props. Furthermore, some kid friendly escape rooms in LA are kid friendly with age restrictions but Amazing Escape Room is open to all ages. The only caveat is that kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Amazing Escape Room charges $30 per person.

Exodus Escape Room

(714) 392-7909

Exodus Escape Room is an escape room provider with locations all over California. Their escape rooms are recommended for ages 13 and up but there are no hard restrictions except that children must be accompanied by an adult. If you’re going with the kids, it’s probably best to try Sherlock’s Study because it isn’t super complex. In Sherlock’s Study, Mr Holmes has been kidnapped by a suspect he was trying to catch and you will have to use your reasoning skills to solve the clues and puzzles to set him free. Exodus Escape Room charges $35 per person.

Los Angeles offers a wide range of options for escape room entertainment and even though most are only for adults or teens, the ones mentioned here cater to kids of various age groups. No matter which escape room you choose, you and the kiddos will have a ball planning your escape.

You also have the option of planning and executing the entire experience in the comfort of your home using a pre-made kit such as those offered by Lock Paper Scissors. The coupon code MOREFUN allows you to download the super kid-friendly Lost Mummy escape room kit for free but you have to act fast because limited copies are available.

By: Shawn Mitchell, Guest Blogger.