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3 TikTok Travel Tips: Capturing Family Journeys!

As Labor Day weekend approaches, families everywhere are packing their bags and setting their sights on new destinations. From the serene beaches of Bali to the bustling streets of New York City, travel offers an escape and an adventure rolled into one.

Сapturing these moments has become a part of the journey itself. TikTok, a platform adored by millions, is the perfect tool for this. Not only TikTok allows you to share your experiences with others, but a well-crafted video can also help you get real TikTok likes from a community that appreciates your creative efforts.

In this article, we will explore three key tips for capturing your family journeys on TikTok, making your videos memorable and engaging.

Tip 1: Plan Your Shots, But Stay Flexible

The best travel videos strike a balance between planning and spontaneity. Before you depart for your trip, brainstorm a few key shots or moments you want to capture. These could be iconic landmarks, local cuisine, or candid family interactions.

Having a plan in place will make it easier to ensure you get the footage you need. However, it’s essential to remain flexible. Travel is full of unexpected moments, and some of the best content comes from those unplanned experiences. The kids playing with waves unexpectedly or a spontaneous dance with locals can infuse your video with authentic and joyful energy.

Remember: Being too rigid can make your trip feel more like work and less like a vacation. Allow yourself the freedom to deviate from the plan and embrace the spontaneous.

Tip 2: Tell a Story With Your Videos

To make your TikTok travel videos truly captivating and get real TikTok likes, think beyond simply capturing nice visuals. Consider crafting a narrative that unfolds over the course of your video.

Start with a captivating intro – this could be your family waking up in a new place, arriving at a landmark, or the awe-struck faces of your kids as they experience something for the first time. Follow this with a series of engaging clips that show the progression of your journey. Finally end with a satisfying conclusion, like a family group hug or a breathtaking sunset.

Narrative doesn’t mean scripted—it’s just a simple, cohesive way to organize your footage. It engages viewers more deeply and makes your TikTok video feel like a short film, not just a random collection of clips.

Tip 3: Prioritize Authenticity Over Perfection

The desire to capture the 'perfect' shot is understandable, especially when you’re aiming to get real TikTok likes. However, viewers can sense when content feels overly staged or insincere.

Instead, prioritize authenticity. Show the real, raw moments of your travel—whether that’s the kids being a little grumpy after a long flight, the awe-inspiring quiet of a serene landscape, or the hilarious mishaps that are bound to happen on any family trip. These authentic moments resonate more deeply with viewers and often lead to a more engaging and relatable video.

In the pursuit of authenticity, don’t stress over minor imperfections in your shots. Often, it’s these unplanned, genuine moments that will charm your audience and make your video memorable.

Bottom Line

As you prepare for your next family journey, keep these TikTok travel tips in mind. Planning your shots in advance but allowing for spontaneity, enables you to capture the breadth of your experiences without feeling constrained. Telling a story through your videos engages viewers and invites them to take part in your journey, increasing your chances of getting real TikTok likes. And most importantly, prioritizing authenticity over perfection brings warmth and realness to your videos that viewers will be drawn to.

Remember that the ultimate goal of your TikTok travel videos should be to capture the joy and love shared during your family’s adventures. As you explore new places and cultures, your TikTok videos can become cherished memories that last a lifetime beyond the likes and shares.

So, pack your bags, charge your camera, and embark on your next adventure with these TikTok travel tips in hand. Your followers—and future self—will thank you for it.


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Very cool article, I've never seen anyone write about tik-tok in such a cool way, because it's actually a really good idea to choose your travel destination using this app. For example, when I was travelling with my wife, we spent about a week choosing where to go, and we decided on the Bahamas. You should know what kind of photos we took there, it's just something incredible, such beauty, such nature, such views from the mountains, it's just incredible, I recommend check this one in person to remember such beauty for a lifetime. Honestly, after this trip we had so many photos that we didn't even know which ones to keep or delete. With the rest of them, we…

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Billi Jean
Billi Jean
04 oct 2023

Cool article! Thanks for the great tips, buddy. This information will be useful for many travelers. And I'm also planning a few bali trips next year, so I'm looking for a good tour operator. My family and I prefer a more individual approach and do not like group excursions. Can someone recommend an operator who specializes in individual tours? I will be glad for your feedback.

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