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Mutt House: A Funny Musical For The Entire Family!

Ok, the Mutt House has everything you could possibly want from a night out enjoying musical theatre. Dancing, funny dialogue, and clever original songs that are very accessible, and genuinely fun.

Set within an animal shelter whose funding is about to be cut by a self serving politician, you meet this lovable group of pets, and Eddie their caretaker. The hilarity between the dog characters is instant. The behavioral idiosyncrasies of our furry friends are instantly recognizable, and well utilized for laughs. The morality of the tale is born from Eddie's personal growth throughout the performance which leads to him standing up for himself and the shelter.

The fun that the performers are having preforming this show is contagious, and you may even find yourself laughing at small moments that feel like were just between the cast. All this, built around a story line that ultimately tugs a bit at your heart, lightheartedly, about our obligation to take care of those who need our help.

For more information about Mutt House, visit their official Facebook Page.

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