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The Merry List of 15 Cool & Free Apps to Track and Interact with Santa & More!

The magic of Santa Claus and Christmas comes with so many kid-friendly traditions, but it’s also the hectic time of year for parents. It can be stressful tracking Santa and trying to keep your kids updated on where he is at all times! Luckily, tons of great apps make this process a lot easier. From games to countdown calendars to apps that track Santa and even apps to communicate with Santa and his elves — there’s something out there for almost every kid.

Here are 15 fabulous and free apps for kids to track Santa, communicate with Santa, and more! Whether you have little ones or just like to stay in the know yourself, these fantastic smartphone apps will help you stay on top of Kris Kringle’s travels and whereabouts during his busy Christmas season.

Tracking Santa Apps

The Portable North Pole App is free on iTunes and Google Play. You get to upload a picture of your kid, type in his/her name, age, and grade, and the app will make a personalized video showing your kid's image and name in the video you choose. You can create a free video on the website, but the app offers more premium options. You can share your video on social media. In-app purchases also allow you to record your child's reaction as they watch the video.

The app also allows users to participate in its special elf dancing game. The app is free, but if you choose premium options, you need to pay for each premium selection, like personalized calls from Santa, downloadable videos, and more.

With Christmas Dialer, your kids can get a call from Santa or Elf on the Shelf. To help you choose, there are samples of different messages to choose from. You pick your favorite message and ask for a free call either from Santa or Elf. Make sure your kids are home when you call because the free call will not let you choose a time, and it will contact you once you hit the "Call Now" button. You can choose to personalize the call and choose a time with the paid version.

Watch Santa & Friends every day for free until Christmas with Reindeer Cam! You can watch Santa & Friends and listen to Bedtime Stories with Santa. If you become a supporter, you can add your kid's name to the "Nice List" that scrolls above the barnyard feed. You'll unlock access to premium video content by becoming a supporter.

Receive a phone call or a video call from Santa anytime you want for free! Santa will ask your kid if she has been naughty or nice and adds her to his list and also can ask her what present she would like for Christmas. You can also text Santa, and he replies just like real plus, you get so many Christmas Stickers and Emojis to share with family and friends.

Stay up to date this Christmas and see where Santa Claus is and what he is up to! This Santa Tracker shows you Santa's real-time location and the distance to your home. Follow Santa's sleigh while he delivers gifts around the world on December 24th! See the countdown to Christmas happen in real-time, and see how many cookies he ate and how much milk he had.

Text Santa This Christmas

This Christmas, get a dose of Christmas cheer by signing up for jolly texts from the North Pole. It’s 2019, and if you didn’t know by now, Santa is hip, and with it: he texts! Santa wants to text your kids to update them for the Christmas season as he prepares for his favorite night of the year.

Track Santa, watch movies about Santa, play Christmas games, and learn about Santa, his magic sleigh, and holiday traditions on NORAD Santa Tracker. Log on before December 24, and you'll see a Christmas countdown!

The US Postal Service can help you prove there is a Santa Claus when Santa replies to your child’s letter, complete with the North Pole Postmark! The Greetings from the North Pole Post Office program adds to the excitement of Christmas and is ideal for getting kids interested in letter writing, stamps, and penmanship.

Have the child write a letter to Santa and place it in an envelope addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. It is recommended to send your letters by December 7 so that they can be received by the Anchorage, AK, Postmaster no later than December 14. Santa’s helpers in Anchorage, AK, will take care of the rest!

Surprise your kids with a postcard from Santa! Log in by December 16th to send your kids postcards through this app. You can choose from four different designs with a variety of messages. They'll include a map in the corner showing that the card came from the North Pole.

With Capture the Magic, you can photoshop and Merge Santa into your photos and make it look like Santa was in your house, bringing gifts for your kids! There are several Santa poses to choose from, including a Black Santa! You can upgrade for unlimited photos.

Use Catch Santa Claus in your house to convince your kids that Santa was in your home! "Catch Santa" features the best photo booth app you can use to take a picture of anywhere you want and add various Santa props of your choice to make a photo proof.

On Google Santa Tracker, you’ll find all your kid's favorite characters, plus educational and interactive activities for different ages. On December 24th, Santa’s Village transforms into a tracking experience where your kids can follow Santa and his reindeer as they deliver presents to kids around the world. Watch as he makes his first stop just after 10 pm local time in far eastern Russia, 5 am in New York, and 11 am in Paris.

You can also do many holiday games and activities on this app, including learning to code with Santa’s Elves, discovering holidays around the world, creating Santa Canvas, making Elves, and more!

Check your kids' ratings on the Santa Claus Naughty or Nice List! To peek at your kid's rating from Santa Claus, click on the big Naughty or Nice Rating sign in the picture to activate the brand-new Nice-O-Meter. You then type your kid's name on the next screen, and Santa will give you his ratings! You can also learn the top ten ways to make the Naughty List and the top ten ways to make the Nice List.

This is another excellent app for kids to write a letter to Santa. Letter to Santa lets your kids write to Santa anytime, anywhere. And your kids do not have to know how to write well to use this app. You can either compose the reply by yourself or have the Letter to Santa app do the work for you. Letter to Santa will automatically weave together the information your kids provided and composes a full reply that looks like it came from the North Pole.

Upload your kids' photos on this app, and dress them up as an elf with Xmas Magic Elf Make-ups and Dresses! They can become dancing elves with just a few touches. The dancing Elf Booth for Christmas features dozens of cute Elf & Santa decoration props to choose from. This app is only available on google play.

The Merry List of 15 Cool & Fee Apps to Track and Interact with Santa & More!


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