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12 Back-to-School Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Back-to-school season is a time of transition for students. Kids go from being carefree summer break kids to fully immersed back-to-school kids. It’s a time when you have to leave your house earlier in the morning and return home much later than usual. It’s not just a shift in routine but also a change in the way you manage your daily activities.

This means saying goodbye to those lazy, hazy days of summer and hello to early mornings, packed schedules, and homework assignments. But that’s not all; you also need to get organized with your supplies and stock up on everything you need for school before classes begin!

Here we will discuss some of the top back-to-school apps which will help make your life easier for back-to-school! From family organizers and meal planning to learning apps, and money management apps, we have you covered.

Back-to-School Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Cozi has a built-in calendar, to-do list, shopping, and journal functions to help you easily organize your family’s daily assignments, practices, and events. You can color code each member of the family and insert their appointments, activities, and events. Cozi also includes a chore function that allows each family member to check off tasks they’ve accomplished.

This meal-planning app makes lunch planning fun, and gets the kids involved in making smart and healthy choices. Kids select their favorite food and snacks using funny-looking monsters, and their choices then translate to a grocery list for parents. Options range from fruits and veggies to proteins and snacks. You can also save their favorite meals in your library. 

This app allows you to get convenient access to meal balances, and purchases, and make payments right from your phone to your kid's school. Once you select the school your kids attend, My School Bucks will attempt to find the matching student record using the information provided by you. You will even get a reminder when the balances get low. 

Qustodio allows you to set up filters that block inappropriate websites, track your kids' activity, and even limit how much time they spend online. With Qustodio Parental Control, you have complete peace of mind knowing your children are safe online when they are at school or at home.

Khan Academy is a free educational learning app that offers curriculum-based subjects. Topics covered include math, science, computer programming, history, economics, and more. Users have personalized accounts to watch instructional videos and practice the material covered.

This app is a digital homework checklist and a helpful study reminder. It allows instant access to assignments and due dates for upcoming tests, homework, and papers. Once your kids have completed a task you can swipe right to clear it from your list.

This app allows students to create flashcards for any test or quiz. You can download information straight from a Google Doc or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make study prep simple and quick. Features include multiple-choice flashcards, YouTube video clip embedding, and a matching game.

Trello is a project management tool that tons of families rely on to manage their busy day-to-day schedules. With Trello, you can create a “board” for anything, from a family vacation to meal planning. Share it with your family members and anyone can add “cards” made up of links, thoughts, dates, to-dos, and more. Family members can comment on cards and easily move them around by dragging and dropping them.

Photomath is a free app that makes learning math much easier. To use, the student points their device’s camera at the handwritten problem. Photomath will give you the answer and a step-by-step process for how to reach the solution. With its ability to read handwriting, Photomath can create a myriad of solutions for anything from simple arithmetic to integrals and trigonometry.

Kids spend a lot of time in front of screens these days, and therefore parents spend a lot of time worrying about how to control their screen time. Kidslox will put you in charge of your kid's screen time. No matter what type of electronics they are using, you can put a time limit on your kids' devices, and when they've used all their time, the device locks down. You can schedule a lockdown for homework, dinner time, family time, bedtime and more. You can also control what apps they can use and what websites to have access to.

Busy Kid is an app that helps parents simplify the chores and allowance aspect of family management. With Busy Kid, you can create a list of weekly chores for each child and assign an allowance that will be awarded once those chores are completed. The Busy Kid app will give you age-appropriate suggestions for both chores and allowance amounts, and it is tied directly into your bank account so that you don’t have to worry about always having enough cash on hand. Your kids then choose how to spend their allowance.

Google Lens is an AI-powered tool that helps you find what you're looking for faster. It works by analyzing images on the web and suggesting relevant results. Google Lens is especially useful for Homework Help. From a simple math problem to a complicated algebra equation, to history, chemistry, biology, physics, and much more, you can get help from Google Lens.

10 back to school apps that will make your life easier



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