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Creative and Fun First Day of School Photo Ideas for Children!

Back-to-school season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about the first day of school photo ideas for kids. These creative and fun photo ideas will help you capture memories that last a lifetime. From cute outfits to adorable props, these ideas will inspire you to create amazing photos.

Creative and Fun First Day of School Photo Ideas for Children!

Chuck Board

Keep the memory of the first day of each school year with first-day chalkboard milestone signs. Bright colors and cute patterns design make it attractive for taking photos. The chalkboard surface is easy to write on with conventional chalk or liquid chalk, and easy to erase by using a damp cloth or sponge. This back-to-school sign has enough room for you and your kids to fill in the information. You can purchase these signs from Amazon.

Creative and Fun First Day of School Photo Ideas for Children!

Sidewalk Chuck

Get your kid(s) excited about back to school by helping you to write their grade on the sidewalk with colorful chucks, and take pictures next to it.

Customized T-Shirts

Order a customized T-Shirt with your kid's name, grade and the year from "Little Personal Touch", or buy a personalized T-Shirt from Etsy with hand-print Keepsake that you can print with red or blue ink every year till your kid graduates from high school! You can also design your own T-Shirts on Amazon.

Photo Frame

Paint an old photo frame and make it a talking photo frame, with stick-on poster letters! You can also buy inexpensive photo frames from a thrift store or a 99c store. See instructions at Apples & ABCs or watch the video below.

Crayon Photo Frame

Making a First Day of School Crayon Photo Frame is super easy and looks great in photos. It’s unique and packed with color. Find the instruction at Modern Mom Life.

This School Bus Selfie Frame is cute and easy to make. It comes with 4-piece cardboard to hold the frame to make it easy for selfies. You can buy this frame from Amazon.

Everyone will surely enjoy capturing fun moments on their first day of school celebration by taking photos with this fun frame. This frame features colored pencils with "First Day of School" text printed on two sides of the cardboard and also includes 3 handheld props. This frame is available on Amazon.

This adorable frame features a banner that reads "My First Day Of" and a blank space to fill in, as well as 14 add-ons. Add-ons include signs, beakers, art pallets, school supplies, and more. You can buy this frame from Amazon.

This Cute Top showing "Happy First Day Let's Do This" with colorful words is great for taking pictures for the 1st day of school for any grade and any gender. You can purchase this t-shirt on Amazon.

Here is another school bus photo frame for two. This is perfect for a back-to-school photo for siblings or best friends who want to have their 1st day of school photos taken together. You can also give a personal touch to every word you want to include on the photo booth frame sign. This photo frame is available on Amazon.

Take a photo of your children with a back-to-school backdrop all at once. The banner is big enough to fit 3-4 kids in your back-to-school photo. You can also set your camera on a timer and squeeze in for a photo with your kids. You can buy this backdrop on Amazon.

Creative and Fun First Day of School Photo Ideas for Children!


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Class. Its some cool photo ideas that creative kids would love! Creativity has no limits – whether it's imaginative shots or teeth whitening images there's always room for art and innovation. To keep the creative vibes its so cool!


Unknown member
Nov 07, 2022

I also made an interesting presentation for my child from the first day of school. It turned out very bright and interesting, I used templates Large selection of templates for every taste.

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