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What to Expect in Case of LAUSD School Closure due to Coronavirus!

There is a high possibility that all LAUSD schools be closed as of next week, and if they do, it is predicted that schools will remain close for at least two to three weeks. There are no words out there yet as to when and how long the schools will be closed, but schools are preparing for the closure.

In case of school closure, this is what you might expect:

1. Most schools are preparing packages for students to take home for home studying for at least three weeks.

2. If your school provides chromebooks to the students during the academic year, you maybe able to request to take the chromebooks home during the closure so that kids can continue to do their work and to communicate with their teacher(s).

3. The teachers will be still communicating with the students through email and are there to answer questions.

4. Your kids will bring home their books and all study materials during the closure to continue studying at home.

5. You may ask your school library to borrow books for reading at home during closure.

6. The staff will most probably be available through email to assist you with questions.

7. If the teachers have websites, they will post weekly curriculum on their websites, or you may receive emails from teachers with the curriculum.

8. Your kids still need to do homework during the closure and submit their homework to their teacher(s) online.

9. The California Department of Education has received a waiver from the federal government allowing it to continue to provide meals at non-school sites during school closures. The waiver allows families to take the meals home rather than eating them in a group setting.

10. The Los Angeles Times has reported Wednesday night that LAUSD is also considering teaching by television on KCET.

Please check with your school for their own specific planning in case of closure. Information in this Article is not official and are for informational purposes only. For additional assistance to help your kids stay on track, there are many online resources:

Khan Academy is an educational nonprofit program, which allows you to sign up for free, and make a profile for each of your kids base on their age and grade. There are different subjects that they can learn, and so many different lessons based on each kid's grade.

Use your Library Card, and get Free ECourses & Instructional Videos. Take a wide range of highly interactive online educational courses. The Ecourses have been mostly designed for learners over 13 years of age. You can also get free research databases & images, free tutoring & homework help, and much more. To learn about all the free educational resources you can get with your library card, click here.

Another educational website that is free for kids is Make Me Genius, with lots of educational videos, cool facts, science tests, and quizzes for grades K through 7th.

At K5 Learning's website, you can find lots of free worksheets, ebooks, math, and spelling lessons, and if you want to access more educational materials, you can try it for free for 14 days. K5 Learning is for kids in grades K through 5th.

Find Sight Words, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Math Practices on for free. The practices are designed for kids in grades K through 7th.

National Geographic Kids is another good source for teaching kids about nature and animals. You can find lots of cool educational videos, educational games, science experiments, geography facts, and much more. On National Geographic Education Resource Library, you can find numerous educational materials based on your kid's grade from Pre-K to 12th grade.

PBS Kids offers lots of educational games and videos for the little ones, and they are all free.

Cool Math is an awesome source to teach kids addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money and more.

TIME for Kids is loaded with interesting photos, videos, and articles about politics, the environment, entertainment, sports, health, and more, which is designed for kids in grades K through 6th grade.

At Fun Brain, the kids can learn math, read books for free, and find so many fun learning games, and more. Fun Brain is designed for preschoolers through 8th graders.

Exploratorium is a very cool website for learning science, and science experiments. It's a vast collection of online experiences that feed your kid's curiosity.


The information in this article are not official and for informational purposes only. Please check with your own school for official information.


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