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Virtual Visits to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park & Free Educational Resources!

The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park may be closed for now, but it’s business as usual for the animals of San Diego Zoo Global and the crew of wildlife care specialists who are looking out for them, and you can stay connected with virtual visits anytime you want!

From their habitat to yours, these livestreaming cams provide views of wildlife as they explore, eat, swing, pounce, groom, and play through their day. Catch all the action!

San Diego Zoo Kids

Kids can jump into the world of wildlife with every visit to San Diego Zoo Kids. This family-friendly website is jam-packed with videos and information about animals, fun stories, hands-on activities, and games.

Watch Wildlife Stories on YouTube

You can tune into YouTube to view the heartwarming, educational, and fun animal videos.


This free digital version of the Zoo's popular magazine features fascinating stories about wildlife and ongoing conservation projects. New articles are posted each week!

San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants

With detailed information, fun trivia, and much more, this website is a user-friendly, A-to-Z guide about favorite animals and plants, as well as fascinating species you may not know.

Free San Diego Zoo Global Academy Courses

Learn about animals by taking some San Diego Zoo Global Academy online courses for free! For eight weeks, the Zoo will provide complimentary access to their Introduction to Animal Species courses, offering different topics each week. Especially useful for teachers and students.

Science Blog

Middle school and high school students can dig into science on the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research website.

Help Track Wildlife from the Comfort of Home

Anyone can become a “citizen scientist” and contribute valuable data to conservation researchers by helping to count and identify giraffes and burrowing owls—online from your own couch.

For more information about San Diego Zoo, please visit their official website.



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