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Update from LAUSD about Reopening of Schools in August!

Today, July 6, 2020, Superintendent for LAUSD, Austin Buetner, announced that no decision has yet been made for return to school in August 2020, but he assumes that online component will be a part of the education when kids return to school.

He added that the new school year will start with clear sets of expectations for classrooms, which will include regular class schedules, attendance taken every day, standards-based instructions, and regular assessment of student progress.

He further added that LAUSD is aware of the importance of the daily live instructions and therefore training and support is available to teachers and students to make sure all classes can now participate in online classrooms. Schools will make sure that every student has a device and internet access in the new school year. LAUSD is working to simplify the use of many different technologies that educators were using last year and better integrate the tools in one common learning system.

He also said that COVID-19 continues to be a treat to the community and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. LAUSD will do the best they can do to adapt to the challenges COVID-19 presents. The goal is to help students to learn, provide safety to students and their families, and take care of all who work at schools.

LAUSD will continue to update parents on a weekly basis. To stay connected, you can follow LAUSD on Facebook at @AustinLASchools and @LosAngeles Schools, or contact LAUSD at (213) 443-1300.



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