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Turn The Screens Off And Turn Your Kitchen Into A Pizzeria!

Pitfire Pizza has created two fun pizza making kits for in-home enjoyment across Southern California. Perfect for a make-your-own-pizza or Friday night pizza night, and you can get the kits delivered.

They are offering Kid’s Pizza Making Kit, and the full Pizza Making Kit. Each kit serves 4 people and includes dessert. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh baked cookies after the pizza, and the kid’s kit even comes with four sets of modeling clay to keep them entertained while the pizza and cookies bake in the oven!

The fun and hands-on Kids Kit ($35) includes:

  • 4 fresh balls of pizza dough

  • Pizza sauce

  • Shredded mozzarella

  • Zoe’s pepperoni (veggie sub available!)

  • 4 sets of kid’s modeling clay

  • 4 unbaked chocolate chip cookies

Don’t worry adults, you can get in on the fun too with the Pizza Making Kit ($45), which includes:

  • 6 fresh balls of pizza dough

  • Pizza sauce

  • Four cheese blend (+$2 for fresh mozzarella)

  • Fresh basil & chili flakes

  • Parmesan & oregano

  • 4 unbaked chocolate chip cookies

  • Two additional toppings – choice of: Zoe’s pepperoni, jalapeños, mushrooms, roasted garlic, olives, caramelized onions, pesto or red onion

Available for pickup or delivery via the Pitfire Pizza website, mobile app and various delivery partners (DoorDash and Postmates), the kits are offered at all Pitfire locations, and you can find the full list of locations here.



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