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Trick Or Treating at Two Front Orthodontics!

It is all treats and no tricks at Two Front Orthodontics this Halloween! This modern orthodontist clinic is keeping Halloween spirit alive by having Trick or Treating at their office the entire month of October, where you can straighten your children's smile.

The team of Board-Certified orthodontists at Two Front Orthodontics specialize in clear aligners for kids and teens. They also offer a care plan for adults looking for a smile tweak. You can say goodbye to painful, metal braces.

To celebrate Halloween, They're offering $1000 off your treatment, as well as sugar-free Halloween candy at your consultation.

More specifically, Two Front Ortho is offering the following in their Westwood clinic:

  1. A free consultation and 3D scan with one of our orthodontists at our Westwood LA clinic, with availability here.

  2. $1,000 off treatment with code FUNKIDS2020.

  3. A Webinar on Clear Aligners versus Braces for friends and parents

They also want to give you some great tips about the ideal time for orthodontic care for your children, which is the number one questions every mom has for the doctors.

When is my child ready for orthodontic care?

Ideal timing for orthodontic care should start in pre-teen or teenage years, while kids and teens are growing. At a younger age, bones are softer, which allows the orthodontist to move teeth faster and easier, and as a result your child will have a more beautiful and stable smile. Bones get harder as we age, and moving teeth in adults takes more time.

The best time to get started is when kids are in their 'late-mixed dentition' — which means that they have a few baby teeth left. While your 'dental age' doesn't necessarily correlate with your actual age, this is generally between 10-13 years old.

An in-person visit with your orthodontist will be the best way to determine the right course of action.

Book your free, five-minute virtual consultation to meet one of the best-in-class orthodontists at Two Front, and as a special reader of our blog, you will receive $1000 off clear aligner treatment with code FUNKIDS2020.

Perk-alert: book your free consultation between October 23rd and 30th, and you will also receive a reusable Two Front x Baggu bag.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, and it is paid for by Two Front.


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