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Travel to Countries Around The World During Spring Break From Your Home!

You may not be able to physically travel anywhere during Spring Break, and hopefully you are having fun at home with your kids and bonding with them, but if you miss traveling especially because you've cancelled your spring break vacation, we have found 7 exotic destinations that you would love to explore with your kids virtually!

When you land in each country using Google Earth, on the right side of the screen, you would see a menu of destinations that have already been selected on the map, simply click on each location and find yourself at the desired destination. Then scroll down for more magnificent places to discover in each Country.

Point out to your kids the differences in the cloths people are wearing in other part of the world, the buildings, structures. Pay attention to little coffee shops around the corner, or the cars parked on the streets, and teach the culture and history of each Country to your kids, while exploring these magnificent places.

Explore France’s magnificent châteaux, stunning architectural monuments and other must-see landmarks.

To make your trip more fun, we have found you 10 Easy French Recopies by that you can make at home with your kids.

Here is also a YouTube Video with 4 hours of romantic french music that will transform you to France.

You can also purchase french books and teach your kids another language while they are home, or learn together. Here is a great french book we found on Amazon:

Tour the grand cathedrals, medieval ruins and dramatic landscapes that make up the Emerald Isle’s rich history.

You may have had Irish food for Saint Patrick's Day, and if you are ready to make your own, here are 45 Classic Irish Recipes you’ll fall in love with by

Here is a YouTube Video with 40 minutes of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music From The Heart Of Fingal.

Travel to Thailand to experience the country's palaces, shrines and natural wonders.

Here are 26 Favorite Thai Recipes from TasteOfHome that are better than takeout, and a traditional Thai music to listen to while exploring Thailand and cooking Thai food with your kids!

From Gothic cathedrals to storybook medieval towns, Spain is a treasure trove of history and culture.

Here are recipes for top 10 Spanish foods from Expatica to make with your kids, and 2 hours of Spanish Music Flamenco for your trip to Spain!

Explore Egypt’s iconic Giza pyramids, Coptic Orthodox churches and a Mediterranean fortress where the Pharos lighthouse once stood.

If you have never had Egyption food, maybe it is time to explore something new. Allrecipes has more than 30 trusted Egyptian recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips.

We have explored and found you 1 hour of beautiful Egyptian music to set the mood right.

Temples carved from solid rock, a marble masterpiece dedicated to love, a sacred Sikh site — explore India’s rich architectural history.

Here on Brit + Co, you can find 26 incredibly delicious Indian recipes, and below you will find 2 hours Indian music for your trip.

Let's see a sampling of the planet's eight million species of wildlife, from ancient tortoises of the Galápagos to monkeys that bathe in the hot springs of Japan on your last day.

We hope you had fun on your virtual trip, and hopefully you can go to all these places physically!



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