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Travel Back in Time with the '90s Inspired Twin Dolls at American Girl!


Attention all doll lovers! American Girl has done it again with their latest arrivals, Isabel and Nicki Hoffman. These two dolls are sure to steal the hearts of girls everywhere with their unique stories and personalities.

If you love historical character 18-inch dolls, Isabel and Nicki Hoffman will double your affection! With a story set in 1999, these twins celebrate girl power and offer many ways to play out their adventures. The '90s are back in style, and these dolls bring back all the fun and excitement of that era.

Travel Back in Time with the '90s Inspired Twin Dolls at American Girl!Busy and Entertained!

Isabel is a pop music-loving, extroverted and bubbly gal, while Nicki is a thoughtful and introverted skateboard enthusiast. Despite their differences, these two sisters have to learn how to get along and support each other, leading to an epic twin celebration of the millennium.

Both dolls come with their own accessories, outfits, and books that bring their stories to life. The dolls are living their best life in 1999, complete with a desktop computer that comes with 30 minutes of Internet time each day. That's right, you can chat with random strangers in chatrooms just like in the good old days! And let's not forget about the floppy disks and CDs that can be inserted into the pretend floppy and CD drives. How cool is that?

Travel Back in Time with the '90s Inspired Twin Dolls at American Girl!


But wait, there's more! These tech-savvy twins also come with a cordless phone, an out-of-this-world alien-head-shaped mug, and a yin-yang fabric rug, a gift from Mom and Dad for Christmas to represent balance between the twins. And because Isabel and Nicki are all about sports, American Girl has included their athletic interests in the accessories.

Isabel wants to show off her sportiness by learning to play tennis, and Nicki is determined to impress the local skaters with her skateboard tricks. Both twins can perfect their skills with the 2-in-1 tennis court and skate-spot set.

And that's not all! Isabel and Nicki come with a Pizza Hut BOOK IT™ set. And, if that's not enough, the dolls can also dress up in 18-inch doll clothes inspired by their era.

So, are you ready to step into the '90s with Isabel and Nicki Hoffman? The Isabel and Nicki collection is now available online and at all American Girl retail locations nationwide.



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Travel Back in Time with the '90s Inspired Twin Dolls at American Girl!


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