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Tips on Rewarding Your Kids For Helping With Chores!

There is no shortage of reasons why you should have your kids help with chores, especially when they’re cooped up at home because schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips on Rewarding Your Kids For Helping With  Chores!

For one, doing chores teaches them life skills. When they grow up, independent life will be much easier if they know how to do laundry, clean their apartment, and cook, among other things.

For another, chores also help kids build a strong work ethic, which is going to come in handy when they enter the workforce as adults. It also helps to know that, according to researchers from the University of Minnesota, chores help children become more successful adults.

In all honesty, getting kids to do chores is not going to be that easy. Chores, after all, aren’t likely to be your kids’ idea of fun. However, they might reconsider if you offer them rewards for their efforts.

Some parents might be averse to the idea of rewarding kids for doing housework. However, as long as it gets them to do chores that will help them in later life, a reward for accomplishing every task listed on your chore app for kids isn’t such a bad idea at all.

If you’re wondering how to best reward your kids for doing chores, read on.

Give Them An Allowance

On the surface, giving your kids money is just a way of rewarding them for doing chores. An allowance for accomplishing tasks, however, does more than that. It also happens to be an excellent way of teaching your kids financial literacy.

When your kids receive money after finishing their chores, it will impress upon them the importance of work. It will teach them that to earn money, they have to work hard for it, and that’s a mindset that will serve them in good stead as they grow older.

An allowance will also teach them how to save money for a rainy day, or at least for something they’d like to buy in the future, like new signature kicks or the latest videogame. If you’re using a chore app for children, you have a nifty tool that will help your kids manage their allowances and more.

Sweets For Your Sweeties

An allowance would be great for older kids, but for much younger children, desserts would probably be a more attractive option. Of course, it’s never a good idea to give your kids plenty of sweets. However, if you’re going to ask your 5-year-old kid to help with some age-appropriate chores once in a while, a trip to an ice cream shop sounds like a pretty good incentive for helping out.

Chores For Screen Time

It’s rare to see a kid these days whose face isn’t buried in a computer or a tablet. The thing is, you, as a parent, have every right to manage their screen time.

If you’re going to limit their screen time, why not use it as a reward for helping out with the chores? You can tell your teenager that mowing the lawn will get them an hour of screen time. Smaller and easier chores will get them 30 extra minutes, and so on.

If social media or gaming is that important to them, they likely won’t hesitate to do chores as long as they get to earn more screen time! These are just a few of the many ways to reward your kids for helping you out with tasks around the house. You can also think up more rewards that will make them look forward to the next round of chore assignments.



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