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Things to Consider While Planning a Trip to Spain From Los Angeles!

If you are planning a vacation with variety, you should consider Spain. Here you can explore historical sights, fine arts, scenic beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine. The best time to visit Spain depends upon the places you want to go and what you want to do.

Tourism is high during the spring and fall seasons because of the moderate climate. This is the best time to plan your trip from LA to Spain. During any time of the year, you can explore many places as per your interest and timeline.

How is the Weather in Spain?

There’s not much difference in the weather between Spain and LA. The difference in temperatures is around 4.5 to 7 degrees Celsius. However, summers could be really hot, so plan accordingly.

Summers in Spain are dry, sunny, and hot. The temperatures climb up to the 80s during summers around the Madrid region. If you go to Seville, you'll feel more heat with temperatures about 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Barcelona during summers is similar but more sticky. Areas near the Atlantic coast are colder destinations to travel in summers. Here the temperatures are around 70 degrees, accompanied by breezy winds.

Temperatures drop too much during the winters in Spain. Madrid experiences temperatures in the 30s, while some hilly areas have freezing weather. A good time to visit if you are a Ski lover. Northern regions experience plenty of rain during winters.

Spring and fall have a moderate climate, with clear blue skies and calming heat. The weather in Spanish regions is unpredictable during these months. You can still enjoy your vacations without the blazing heat and chilling air.

Famous Festivals of Spain

During festivals, you will notice a hike in hotel prices. But when compared to LA, the prices are still reasonable to book. These festivals are once-in-a-lifetime experiences and worth trying. From rural to urban and small to big cities, each place has its unique celebrations all through the year.

The Holy Week is a main Festival throughout the country. But the festivity in Seville and Malaga is remarkable. You should plan a vacation during this time, even if you are a non-religious person.

If you want to enjoy the La Tomatina festival, then you have to visit Buñol during the last week of August. Over 20000 people are involved in the La Tomatina festival every year. The participants throw tomatoes at each other, covering everything and everyone in red. Plan your travel well in advance as tickets sell out very fast during this time.

Saint John's eve is another beautiful festival in Spain, it comes at the end of June and marks the start of summer. The festival night is celebrated with family and friends together. Where they enjoy a few drinks, watch fireworks, and plan for upcoming summers. People have bonfires on the beaches and jump over them as a good luck sign.

Famous Attractions to Visit in Spain

Spain is famous for the most beautiful Cathedrals in the world. Montserrat is a well-known religious site in Spain and is at the top of a 7-mile high mountain. You can travel by bus through the narrow roads to reach the destination. The views are spectacular from the bus but can toss a few people's stomachs. To be on the safe side, you must book your trip a few days in advance.

Barcelona has the famous The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. It is a massive unfinished Catholic Church designed by Antoni Gaudí. The church will be finalized by 2026. You can get a complete view of the city by reaching the top of one of its towers. However, it has an elevator to go to the top, but the visitors have to return through the stairs.

Famous Foods and Drinks in Spain

All the seasons are good to enjoy the food in Spain. Summer menus have many seafood items and grilled fish along with gazpacho(veg-soup).

Jamon, a famous Spanish food, is a must-try regardless of whatever time you visit Spain. It is made by salting the Ham's legs and hanging them for a few months to dry. Best enjoyed with crusty bread and a glass of cava (Spanish wine).

Another dish to try out in Spain is Paella, a rice-based delicacy. There are many versions of Paella, but the original one is with chicken, rabbit, or seafood. You can find this at every restaurant in Spain but be careful, from where you order? For an authentic taste, try this dish from a busy restaurant.

What is the Best Time to Book a Flight to Spain?

The total flight duration is around 12 hours to 16 hours from LA to Spain. This depends on the flight and the destination airport you choose. The cost of your flight depends on various factors. Some of them are the source, destination, how much in advance you book tickets, and airlines. You can still save a few dollars while booking your flight to Spain by knowing these simple facts:

  • Flights are cheapest in the "dead zones" during the first two weeks of December and the end of January. Flights are cheap because fewer tourists fly during this time.

  • When booking your tickets, set alerts on booking apps. You will be alerted whenever the price drops during your set time.

  • Always remember that the cheapest days to book air travel are the weekdays. So plan your holidays from Wednesday to Wednesday.


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