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The perfect place to introduce your family to musical magic!

Did you know on Saturday mornings LA Opera has a special program for families? They do, and their fun-filled event is packed with a bunch of cool activities, artistic workshops, and kid-friendly stagings of Mozart classics with your littlest opera lover in mind.

LA Opera Family Days

Before the show, your little ones can get their wiggles out with a full hour of music, dance and art workshops. Then they will create special souvenirs to remember their time at the opera.

You might even inspire the next great music star. Opera League volunteer Alma Guzman says “Some kids have a hidden talent which gets awakened when they get exposed to opera. They learn to appreciate music in general. That is instrumental, orchestra, voices and acting. They may find their talents. Music was in my life since childhood, and I cannot imagine living without it.”

Tickets go on sale October 23, 2109 and are $18 per person. The program is designed for children 3 to 9 years old but all ages are welcomed.  All children, regardless of age, must have a ticket to attend the performance. 

For more information, and to buy your tickets, click here.


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