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Quick & Simple Dinner Ideas For Every Day of The Week!

If you are not ordering take outs these days, and need quick and simple dinner ideas, you are in the right place. We have gathered a simple list for every night of the week that everyone in your family will enjoy!

Ingredients: farfalle (bow tie) pasta, unsalted butter, olive oil, garlic, lemons, grated Parmesan, toasted pignoli (pine) nuts (optional), broccoli, peas.

Ingredients: chicken breast, pesto sauce, butter, cherry tomatoes, basil

Ingredients: skirt steak; bell peppers,olive oil, lemon or lime, fajita mix, garlic (optional), tortillas.

Ingredients: boneless chicken breasts, tikka masala sauce (Jar), steamed basmati rice (cook in rice cooker or buy ready cooked packages at store)

Ingredients: ground beef, onion, garlic, pasta sauce, spaghetti, basil

Ingredients: chicken tights, chicken stock, lemon, mustard, rosemary, red pepper.

Ingredients: Salmon, Ginger, Lime, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Maple Syrup.



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