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Ritz-Carlton's New Luxury 'Yacht' Finally Began Sailing!

There's finally some good news for ultra-luxury cruise passengers, who have been waiting in vain for Ritz-Carlton's first cruise ship to debut. The company's first cruise ship finally started departing on October 15, after years of delay.

Ritz-Carlton's New Luxury 'Yacht' Finally Began Sailing!

The Ritz-Carlton brand's promise of luxury now has a list of itineraries from 2022 to November 2024, including ports of call in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Barbados to St. Maarten, Panama to Costa Rica, and several Fort Lauderdale, Florida round trips are among the sailing destinations.

All of the new cruise brand's sailings will range from four to 13 nights, and no two will be the same. Ritz-Carlton is actually a 623-foot yacht that features 149 suites and accommodates almost 300 passengers. The Ritz-Carlton says the vessel's reduced size will allow it to access more ports of call in destinations like Greece and France.

The smaller ship will still have everything you could want. A sauna, an infinity pool, and whirlpools are all part of Evrima's standard cruise ship amenities and services.

The yacht features dining options such as "S.E.A.", a restaurant designed by the chef of Wolfsburg's three Michelin-starred establishments. This cruise ship will provide the same level of luxury and pampering as the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Guests are treated to cold towels the moment they step aboard the ship to the marina where the ship is docked, guests can enjoy water sports …

Ritz-Carlton's New Luxury 'Yacht' Finally Began Sailing!

The connection between Ritz-Carlton's premium image and the Evrima is obvious.

Evrima will also offer luxurious rooms including penthouse suites with private terraces and other options. All of the staterooms, regardless of size, will have terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and king beds.

The least expensive sailing currently listed on the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's website is a five-night roundtrip sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in February 2023 starting at $4,600.

The Ritz-Carlton appears determined to continue expanding its cruise business, despite the imminent departure of the Evirma. It announced in March that it would build two new "superyacht" cruise ships: the Ilma and the Luminara, which will set sail in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

According to a statement from Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, its 2022 sailings are nearly sold out. Its 2023 season is also "booking quite well at 60%," while its 2024 is already set to exceed expectations.

Ritz-Carlton's New Luxury 'Yacht' Finally Began Sailing!



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