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Riding Angels Flight: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Angels Flight is somewhat of a historical novelty located in downtown Los Angeles that attracts people of all ages. It can be a romantic ride to be shared by a couple (see La La Land); a unique way for a traveler to experience a piece of history and enjoy a great view; or a wonderful experience for a family to share.

The funky funicular is somewhat of a cult sensation, as it made appearances in many movies, video games, and books. Many kids want to ride the funicular because they saw it on screen or read about it. If you are worried about the safety of your kids during the ride, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that they will be okay. But a funicular does not pose great safety hazards.

Pay attention upon entering and exiting the cart, always stay seated and hold on to the bars are just a couple of easy things you can do. However, these apply to other means of transportation too. Watch out for the end-gates of the cart, as the plexiglass does not reach the top of the car. Read on for more details about how to keep children safe.

Angels Flight Railway

This incline railway is a landmark of downtown Los Angeles and has great historical value. It is over a century old, being inaugurated in 1901. Since then, it was closed on several occasions, sometimes for years on end.

The railway went through numerous revisions. In 1995 the original track was replaced with a new one, which is still in use today. While the historic carts were equipped with fresh undercarriages.

The carts run up and down the rather steep Bunker Hill. With total tracks just shy of 300 feet, it is one of the shortest railways in the world.

The magical funicular is now refurbished and is equipped with modernized safety features.

New Safety Features

Throughout its long existence, the funicular went through several safety upgrades. So now it is safer than ever. Angels Flight now runs on an upgraded control and communication system.

Extra safety features were added to the gates. The plexiglass now reaches higher, so it poses less of a safety hazard for kids. Still, there is some empty space between the top of the end-gates and the roof.

What is more, a stairway was incorporated into the hillside. In case of emergency travelers on the cart can be evacuated. Also, people who use a wheelchair can hitch a ride with the help of a modified platform. However, make sure to call in advance for arrangements to be made by the staff.

The latest set of safety upgrades were implemented by ACS Infrastructure Development. In return, they are to receive part of the revenue from the funicular for a set period.

How to Keep Kids Safe

If you have any worries about the safety of the ride, there are steps you can take in this regard. Many of the tips below apply to adults too, there are however a couple of extra measures to be taken for kids.

If despite your best efforts your child did suffer an injury in funicular, do not hesitate to seek legal advice. In a situation like this, you might ask yourself how to know if you have a valid personal injury claim?

Do not worry about this, a personal injury lawyer is the most qualified to answer the question based on the specifics of your case. Then they will propose appropriate legal action to make sure that you and your children receive proper compensation.

Do not Board a Moving Car

Regardless if you are with or without kids, you should never board a moving car! This might lead to a fall and serious injuries or even death. Wait until a ride is available and safely board while the cart is parked at either end of the tracks.

Cautious Entry and Exit

Be extra careful when you enter and exit the cart. There are a couple of steps to climb as you make your way into or out of the car, so beware of these. Encourage kids to use the railing that is on either side of the steps.

Keep Kids Within Reach

Make sure that your kids are close to you for the duration of the ride. Keep them within reach, so you can easily intervene if they have any naughty thoughts. It is a short ride, so if you notice children getting antsy, try to distract them with some fun historical facts. Keep it short and sweet to maintain their curiosity. Here are some interesting snippets, some of which we have already covered in the previous section:

● Angels Flight is 120 years old

● It was inaugurated in 1901

● Over 100 million rides have been made

● It is one of the world’s shortest railways

● Tracks are just short of 300 feet

Hold On

Throughout the cart, there are bars installed. Set an example and keep one of your hands on a bar at all times and encourage kids to do the same. Although it should be a smooth ride, there might be hiccups and it is best to be prepared.

Stay Seated

After you embark, take a seat on the vintage wooden benches attached to each side of the cart. These are displayed in an ascending pattern, similar to stairs. Make sure that you are seated next to your kids.

Avoid the Ends of the Cart

There is a safety door at each end of the cart, but these do not go all the way up. Although it does not pose an immediate danger to children, the door could be climbed or jumped over. And as parents know too well, a moment’s lack of attention is all that is needed for a kid to get into trouble.

Children might even ask you to let them go to the end so they can see the descent better. Try to explain that it can be dangerous or distract them with the beautiful view they can enjoy from the safety of their seat.

Enjoy the Experience

Angels Flight is a wonderful experience for a family to share. The brightly colored orange carts might make the whole set up a bit Halloweeny, but kids love that! Plus, the funicular is part of pop culture, with numerous appearances made in movies, books, and even games.

Now that we have covered some easy steps you can take to ensure your children’s safety for the duration of the ride, do not forget to enjoy the experience.


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