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New ‘Migration’ Movie Trailer Unveiled: Prepare for a Quacking Adventure!

Migration Movie

If you've fallen in love with Illumination’s past hits like Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets, get ready to take flight with their newest animated marvel, Migration. As the studio's latest action-packed comedy, this film promises to be a wild ride filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and stunning animation. And guess what? It’s not about Minions or Mario—it's all about a charming family of ducks!

Migration Movie

The Mallards: A Flock with a Wanderlust

In Migration, we meet the Mallards, a delightful family of ducks residing in the peaceful confines of a New England pond. The clan is led by Mack, the overprotective father who firmly believes that the safest place for his family is right where they are. But when mom Pam learns about a duck family that had an epic journey to far-flung places, she can't resist the allure of adventure. Determined to embark on a family vacation of a lifetime, Pam convinces Mack to spread their wings and explore the great wide world.

From Pond to Paradise: The Mallards' Epic Journey

With the decision made, the Mallards' adventure begins. From their quaint New England pond, they venture to the bustling streets of New York City and then soak up the sun in tropical Jamaica. As you can imagine, their family road trip doesn't go exactly as planned. Along the way, they encounter unforeseen challenges, step out of their comfort zones, and create unforgettable memories while bonding as a family. It's a heartwarming tale of growth, friendship, and the joy of exploring new horizons.

Migration Movie

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A Star-Studded Voice Cast

As expected, Migration boasts a star-studded voice cast that will surely win hearts. Kumail Nanjiani takes on the role of the concerned father Mack, while Elizabeth Banks lends her voice to the bold and sharp matriarch, Pam. The legendary Danny DeVito adds his signature grumpiness to the character of Mack's Uncle Dan, and Awkwafina brings her scrappy charm to a New York City pigeon gang leader.

But the talent doesn't end there. Keegan-Michael Key portrays a homesick Jamaican parrot, and David Mitchell voices the yogic leader of a mysterious duck farm. With such an impressive lineup, Migration is sure to deliver unforgettable performances and comedic brilliance.

Migration Movie

Behind the Scenes: Talented Minds at Work

The creative minds behind Migration are just as remarkable as the film's cast. Renowned screenwriter Mike White, known for his work on The White Lotus and School of Rock, crafts the captivating screenplay. Benjamin Renner, the Oscar-nominated director of Ernest & Celestine and The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, helms this adventure. Meanwhile, Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri brings his magic touch as the movie's producer, ensuring this film is another smashing success for the studio.

Save the Date: December 22, 2023

Clear your calendars and set a reminder because Migration is coming to theaters near you on December 22, 2023. It's the perfect opportunity to plan a fun-filled family date night and embark on this quackingly amazing adventure together.

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Migration Movie

So, get ready for a journey like no other, filled with laughs, emotions, and a whole lot of duck-tastic fun. Migration is sure to charm audiences of all ages, leaving us with hearts full of wanderlust and joy.

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Migration Movie


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Migration Movie


Migration Movie

Migration Movie

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