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Make Childhood Memories With Tie Dye Parties That Come To You!

Momma Osa makes memories with their Tie Dye Parties and Activity Kits!

If you want to have an unforgettable party at home, and looking for a cool idea for your kid's birthday party, look no further. Momma Osa Tie Dye is a new in-person party entertainment to help create an unforgettable experience! Keep reading and we will tell you all about this new tie dye experience designed to bring happiness to you and your family!


There are two ways you can throw a tie dye party. You can buy your own Tie dye kits from Momma Osa's website and have the party at home with your family and friends. Or Momma Osa will come to you!

By making original tie dye garments with tie dye activity kits, Momma Osa will bring families and friends of all ages together. The kits include all you need to have a tie dye party all in one box. Just add water and you could have your own new t-shirt, socks, pajamas or accessories. The activity kits start at $40, and are available online for purchase.

Or if you want guided instruction, Momma Osa will come to you for your party. They will set up, take down, and clean up the mess, after 1.5 hours of fun with a guided instructor who will help you throughout your party. The guided parties cost $475 for up to 15 kids, with $10 for any additional kids. With the guided parties, you will get 2 party hosts, 15 t-shirts, 15 socks, vibrant dye colors, gloves, aprons, tie-dye to-go bags, tie-dye care instructions, tie dye hair ties, and slap bracelet give away bags.

Momma Osa will travel to any location in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County.

To book your party, click here.

About Momma Osa

Jennifer Cox, the Owner of Momma Osa, is a Tie Dye Ninja and Denim Wash Specialist. She has spent her career designing for Abercrombie and Fitch, Mossimo Supply at Target, and the Private Label Denim and Clothing Industry for the past 20 years.

Jen, a single Latino mom, decided to start a passion project at the end of 2019 as a way to give back to Youth Homeless and Foster Families. When she was laid off from her long time career job in January of 2020, she put all her time, energy, and focus on making Momma Osa a household name. First, she created in person Tie dye experiences, but then pivoted into tie dye activity kits with the covid lock down.

You can find Momma Osa on,,, and along with specialty stores across America. Momma Osa is also featured on Good Morning America in March of 2021.

While still in stores with her tie dye activity kits, Jen will be around Southern California at Pop Up events creating tie dye experiences, along with birthday parties and street fairs. She also hosts corporate and family tie dye events virtually.

Momma Osa donates socks and a percentage of every sale to The Covenant House In Hollywood that offers a safe haven and opportunity for homeless youth to have a second chance at life. Along with Olive Crest that focuses on foster families transforming the lives of at-risk children through the healing power of family.

Momma Osa has donated over 10,000 masks and 5,000 pairs of socks to date. At Momma Osa, part of their mission is to give back and inspire change through creativity.

Look for Momma Osa at street fairs, or pop ups. And if you have a corporate party, special event, a birthday party, baby shower, or if you just want to a throw a fun party for no reason, Momma Osa is there to help you make unforgettable memories.

For every kit you purchase from Momma Osa, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Homeless Youth and/or Foster families.

For more information about Momma Osa's parties, activity kits, masks, sweat shirts, tees, and more, visit Momma Osa's official website. You can contact Momma Osa at 888.315.8730, or email them at


Disclaimer: This article is part of a paid content by Momma Osa.


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