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Little League Has Expanded into Video Games for 2021!

Structured video game teams are giving kids, in 2021, a way to compete and connect with their friends virtually in the games that they love!

NXT UP Esports Youth Esports League is the Little League of video games teaching your kids the fundamentals of game-play, while developing communication, teamwork, and accountability -- all of the skills they will be able to apply to their personal lives outside of gaming!

Just like traditional sports leagues for kids, players are placed on teams with other kids their age and skill level, and are coached by top level competitors.

NXT UP Esports Youth Esports League

Turn your kids' screen time into a skill that can lead to a future in science, engineering, technology, and many other fields.

Starting in January, NXT UP Esports is launching the Youth Esports League featuring Fortnite!

The Youth Esports League is all virtual: players connect with their teammates and coaches through the game and Discord, a digital communication app NXT UP Esports uses to maintain safe and clear communication. Players can participate in the league by playing Fortnite on their computer, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch. The program is open to kids 9+.

NXT UP Esports Youth Esports League

Collegiate level coaches work with players on an individual basis. Each weekend, teams will compete against other teams in the league on their way to the league championship at the end of the season.

The League lasts 10 weeks starting on January 21, 2021. Practices are two times per week for 90 minutes on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm PST. Games are Friday afternoons between 3-7pm PST.

Take advantage of this limited offer, and take $30 off your registration with our special code!

Registration is now open, and closes on January 15th, so hurry up and grab your place before registration is closed. To thank you for being our reader, you can take advantage of the limited time FUN WITH KIDS IN LA discount for this special little league!

Registration is regularly $229 but, for a limited time, you will get $30 off your registration when you use the code FWKIL. That means, you will only pay $199 for 35 hours of classes and competitions. And if you sign up with a friend, you'll both receive an additional $10 off the program.

NXT UP Esports Youth Esports League

To learn more about NXT Up Esports and the Fortnite Little League, visit NXT Up Esports' official website. To register for the classes, click here.


Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with NXT Up Esports.


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