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How To Scan Your Kids' Homework On Your Iphone!

Most schools are now using Google Classroom to assign homework to students and to receive their homework electronically as well. If you don't have a scanner at home, don't panic. We will show you in few easy steps how to use your iphone or ipad to scan your kids' homework and send to their teachers electronically.

A free scanner is already built into your iphone or ipad that you can use to get by during social distancing. Follow these easy steps to scan any document:

  • Open Your Notes Application and create a new note by clicking on the icon on the right bottom corner.

  • Click on the camera icon in your existing Note, and choose "Scan Documents".

  • Position the document in view and take a picture of your document.

  • Drag near corners to adjust, and click on "Keep Scan" if you are satisfied with your picture, or retake if you are not satisfied.

  • Click "Save" to save your document.

  • If you have more than one page, continue the above steps in the same Note document.

  • You can now send all your documents in the same Note to your kid's teacher by Email or through Google Drive.

  • Click on the icon on the right top corner of your Note, and choose Email or Google Drive.

If you don't have Google Drive on your iphone or ipad, go to App Store and download Google Drive, then follow the instructions below to upload your documents into Google Drive:

  • Open your Note with the saved documents that you want to upload to Google Drive.

  • Click on the icon on the right top corner of your Note, and choose Drive.

  • Choose an Account that you want to use to upload your documents into. (If your kids have been assigned an email from LAUSD, choose that email to send documents to their teachers).

  • Choose "My Drive" at the bottom of Google Drive App.

  • Choose a folder that you want to use for saving the documents to be shared.

  • If you don't have a specific folder assigned for homework, you can create one by clicking on the plus icon on top of the right hand corner of your Google Drive App. Choose a name for your folder and click on create.

  • Click on your desired folder and click "Save here" at the right bottom corner, and click "upload" on the right top corner to upload your documents.

  • Now open your Google Drive App and sign in with your kid's LAUSD email address.

  • You should see your recent document on top of the screen when you open your Google Drive App. Click on the document, and then click on the three dots ... on right top corner.

  • Click on "Share" and enter your kid's teacher's email address that has been provided by school or the teacher. You can add a message if you desire, and click on send or the little triangle on the right bottom corner.

You can give different permission to people you choose to share your documents with. Choose "Editor" if you want to give permission to a person to edit your documents in the shared folder. Choose "Viewer", if you only want to give them permission to view the document, and choose "Commenter" if you want to give permission to a person to make comments on your documents.

If you have questions, please send us your questions, using the comment box below, and we'll be happy to answer.



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