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How to Receive Free Products From Amazon!

If you love shopping, you would love what we are about to say! Recently, I learned that you can actually receive free amazon products just by writing a positive review for products! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome! If you keep reading, I will give you step by step instruction on how to receive free products from Amazon! So keep reading, and keep shopping!

You may wonder, why would anyone give products for free. It is because many sellers need positive reviews for items purchased by buyers, and because most buyers don't bother to write a review, they will actually give products for free so that you will write them a good review. And the more they have positive reviews, the more they can sell their products. It is really a win win situation! They get positive reviews while you get free products.

Step by Step Instructions On How to Receive Free Amazon Products:


  1. Go to Review4Life website, and create an account.

  2. On the website, you will find over 400 products that are free for review after you complete registration.

  3. Go to your profile and click "Apply for Tester", fill out the simple form and submit it.

  4. Once approved (within a business day), you can choose the product you want from the catalog and click APPLY NOW.

  5. Go to Amazon to find the product using the provided information (key words, price, seller name, picture). The service does not provide Amazon direct product links to help sellers boost organic search results.

  6. Copy and paste the Amazon link (or ASIN) of the product you found to the special field on the order page to verify the match.

  7. The system approves the link and you may purchase the product on Amazon.

  8. Copy and paste the order ID and order screenshot to the Review4Life order page.

  9. Once you receive the product, post a review on the Amazon product page, following the seller’s requirements.

  10. Screenshot the review and upload it to the order page at Review4Life.

  11. Wait for your PayPal refund that is generally processed within the next business day.

There is also a video guide for Review4Life Website, and if you have any questions, click here.

Review Rebate

  1. Go to Review Rebate's website, and create an account.

  2. On the website, you will find many products that qualify for free purchase.

  3. After you find the product that you want to purchase, click on "Apply Now", and then "Purchase on Amazon".

  4. You will be then directed to Amazon to purchase the item. If you don't have an Amazon account, you need to create a new account.

  5. After you receive the product, sign into your Amazon profile, and write a review on Amazon for that product.

  6. After you wrote your review, you need to copy the link for your review and sign back to Review Rebate's website.

  7. Go to the page of “Deal manager” to submit the review for the product.

  8. Find the product that you just reviewed.

  9. Click on "Submit your Review for the product".

  10. Enter your review link, your amazon ID number, and your PayPal account information.

  11. If you submit the review link successfully, the status of the deal will show "waiting for the rebate", that means you have submitted the review link successfully, and the rebate will be sent to you within one business day to your PayPal Account.

For the complete guide using Review Rebate, and if you have any questions, click here.



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